About Retro Yakking


You have reached the barn of the Hindleyak (pron. Hindley-yak for those who actually care), a rather large beast from the Wigolia region of the United Kingdom.

"The Yak" shall be expressing his views on all things retro in the world of computer and video games, with a few little irrelevancies thrown in here or there. In addition to thoughts and opinions on subjects of cultural significance, The Yak has some handy tips on purchasing games for the collectors out there.

This 'blog runs concurrently with the Hindleyak YouTube channel and contains original content created by The Yak himself.

You can also visit the Yak's other YouTube channels:
  • Football video games - self explanatory
  • Hindleyite - personal channel. Has some video game related stuff, including a load of Brian Lara Cricket videos.
  • Illarterate - less often updated and serves as more of an archive these days. Nevertheless, has quite a bit of 8-bit "retro" artwork you might be interested in. No gameplay vids though.
Oh, and just in case you were confused: he's not actually a real yak. That would require yaks having the ability to [poorly] edit videos and talk crap all the time.


From time to time I will post a video, which may be a review of gameplay with me blabbing on over the top of it or just some random footage mashed together.
  • Beeping/Bog Standard Reviews - quickly made and edited videos that involve me attempting to play the game whilst giving some sort of a running commentary. You can take or leave these, they're just for fun.
  • Video reviews - I tend to spend more time on these. Often they will have scripts and nonsense like that, and the commentary will be so cardboard you'll think it's being read by Microsoft Sam.
  • Having fun in... - just having fun in a game or attempting to make a point about something.
  • Longplays - extended play footage to demonstrate the game and my poor gaming skills.

About the Yak

Biography courtesy Lakepalmer.
I think he wears Hawaiian shorts with the vest and lives in the woods. 
I think he actually has a tree house like Ewoks. Inside is a bit like a Fungus the Bogeyman set up, but with loads of consoles! But everything is all built into the wood, so none of the consoles are removable. It's just wood and moss and power lights. 
At night he potters off under the foggy gloom to the bins at the back of game shops. He ferrets around sniffing old discs and carts. 
He has been known to steal games from kids who fool heartedly cross his patch. He's fast though and uses the canopy for cover and movement. He will swoop down stealing school bags, leaving kids unaware who jumped them. 
He returns to his home to empty bags (the bags are recycled as jaunty rain hats). Sniffing text books and savouring his favourite items: Beef Monster Munch and cans of Lilt. 
The power he uses is "hacked" from street lighting. The wiring is pilfered from dead consoles.
He has a self sustainable life style and needs for nothing but his games collection and a very old biscuit tin containing a full set of clean, unused, complete with book: Garbage Pail Kids Stickers.