Monday, 23 December 2013 Games World Live Xmas Special - Commentary with Harry Yack

Compliments of the season, Retro Unlimmers! How are your Xmas party hangovers? I hope the photocopier survived because our repairs budget only extends as far as a small cup of coffee since we shelled out for that Christmas tree made up of discarded Shaq Fu cases.

Sigh... Retro Unlim Live can only dream of such a high-budget production as Games World Live. Mum, do we *have* to eat origami paper towels in the shape of turkey and sprouts for Christmas dinner again? Can we not have hamster food?

This episode features: Take That's Chinese knock-off, blatant game-fixing, ignorance of BBFC licensing laws and the horrific innuendo that led to the show's eventual demise.

Full episode without commentary, courtesy is available here:

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