Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Play Expo 2013, Manchester - A Luvvie Look Back With Harry Yack

Recorded the week following the event but only exported the other day because Harry Yack was having his hooves manicured. Yes, for two whole months. *Coughs awkwardly*

Crikey, a Harry Yack vlog? Well, I never. What's that large pink porcine object floating by in the distance? Oh, I seem to be mistaken- it is someone throwing the malfunctioning £13 Sega Mega Drive controller they bought from a randomly selected stall into the Manchester Ship Canal. Pass me my Speedos, I'm goin' in after it!

Wow, was that a Snifit in the queue at 2:10ish?

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Type-in Tacenda: Traffic Cones vs. Aliens [Amstrad CPC]

Don't let the wall-of-text thumbnail fool you, for this is a sophisticated, high-paced space shooter with photo-realistic aliens and an infinite supply of traffic cones confiscated from student accommodation.

Game blurb (maybe):

The Grumpies have now infiltrated outer space and must be obliterated before they destroy the Hyperverse. Wipe that frown clear from their faces with your 100ft tildes using NASA's custom-built time-stopping machine by mashing the shift button until it becomes detached from your keyboard. BASIC games have never been so pedestrian!

Available soon on the Playstation Network.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Retrounlim.com: Games World Live Xmas Special - Commentary with Harry Yack


Compliments of the season, Retro Unlimmers! How are your Xmas party hangovers? I hope the photocopier survived because our repairs budget only extends as far as a small cup of coffee since we shelled out for that Christmas tree made up of discarded Shaq Fu cases.

Sigh... Retro Unlim Live can only dream of such a high-budget production as Games World Live. Mum, do we *have* to eat origami paper towels in the shape of turkey and sprouts for Christmas dinner again? Can we not have hamster food?

This episode features: Take That's Chinese knock-off, blatant game-fixing, ignorance of BBFC licensing laws and the horrific innuendo that led to the show's eventual demise.

Full episode without commentary, courtesy http://youtube.com/DKTronics70 is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyNlOnJajgU