Friday, 20 September 2013 Games Republic - Commentary with Harry Yack

Last in season, oh no! Sadly, this commentary mini-series is all but over for the foreseeable future. As a parting gift, Harry Yack ventures from the safe confines of Games World to the scary realm of the Games Republic from that criminally underwatched cable channel.

We were only able to receive The Computer Channel (seen here in its .tv incarnation) when some bloke came round and modded our box so we got more stations. I am not completely sure whether this was legal, but the thing exploded soon after so I guess not.

Remember that Christmas episode of Games Master where Dave Perry and a bunch of other, non-bandannaed blokes answered questions about video games? Well, it's a bit like that but on a set vaguely reminiscent of that used for Games World Series 4. Plus there are a couple of kids TV presenters who probably know nothing about games. A recipe for success, surely? Yep.

Fun (but sadly false) fact: Trevor now runs a tattoo removal parlour right across the road from Mr Perry's establishment. The two exchange angry shakes of the fist on a daily basis.

Hmm, I'd better not get a copyright strike for this show's irresponsible use of O Fortuna.

No comms versions...

Twitter accounts of them there presenters.

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