Friday, 2 August 2013 Games World Live (1994) - Commentary with Harry Yack

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Tired of Bob Mills' ugly mug? Then I grant you this reprieve starring the phlegmatic Jeremy Daldry... and Andy Collins, but I won't mention him again for fear of being cursed to create these terrible video game TV show commentaries for eternity. Lemme tell you, it's not something I wish to be doing while Satan's flogging my rump raw some 100 years from now.

Games World broadcast five nights a week, so the obligatory live edition was somewhat inevitable. Hewland's adopted formula was thus: send the hyperactive Mr Coll... erm, presenter bloke to kids' houses and mess up their living rooms, throwing back to man-in-the-studio Daldry every now and again while producers hastily organise the next shot, probably in the kid's bathroom.

Sound interesting? Well, I urge you to watch the whole of this video before making your mind up. Sorry it lasts 25 minutes, but this stuff warranted such lengthy timeslots back then, you know.


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