Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 37 & 38

Thankfully, the infeasibly long road to the Pink City is almost at an end. Before we begin celebrating, however, there is a hedge maze to navigate, complete with gibberish-spouting loafers. Go! Go!

There is no such word as 'hacteriolysis', buuuut:
 Bacteriolysis: Dissolution or destruction of bacteria.
--The Free Dictionary
I challenge you to watch these videos and not find yourself wandering kitchen-wards in search of sustenance. I know exactly what I'm having for my tea tonight. Oh yes, and we *might* find the fabled Pink City in part 38. Or not, as once again signs are not readily available. A little help here, game?

Bonus: silly quotes!

Girl Scout: Let those lovely PETs to extend their greeting to us all!
Girl Scout (on losing): How terrific! It's I who have been defeated thoroughly. (Sarcasm? Wow!)
Girl Scout (after losing): PET, that's all, let them compete incessantly. Not being enough strong is out of the question!
Birds-man: I can't lose! Wind blowes forward to my direction!
Birds-man (on losing): ..., the trend is bright and clear.
Villain Group: Among this area, because of few constructions, I often come here running! Villain Group (on losing): Oh, have a fall!
Villain Group (after losing): You are exactly good to foster it to that degree! however..., as long as strong, is an extraordinary!
Birds-man 2 (on losing): Why do you lose?
Villain Group 2: I'm an impetuous person! quick, quick, quick! 7#E-
Villain Group 2 (on losing): lost, lost come to an end, then bye-bye!
Villain Group 2 (after losing): What, what, what? Is there any other things?
On running out of move power points: None main points of skill is surplus!
Assist ant of Dr Aochider: I remember me? Hi...! The assistant of Dr AochiderThe illustrated handbook PET 50 types were collected, give you LEARN EQU(Gibberish characters)"
Girl: Maybe there is a road to the western of evergreen city. At the depths is alliance PET, an organization made of all PET, TRAINER, collected by.

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