Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pac-Man Turner Overdrive - Amstrad CPC Pac-Man clones

Baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet! More wailing on the Atari Pac-Man awaits the brave viewer of this mini-compendium of pill munching abominations... well, they aren't all that bad actually, at least not compared to the aforementioned Atari release. Watch out for Harry Yack's attempt at video game hacking with a bit of manual overclocking, with mixed results.

Game timecodes:

  • 0:00 Maze Eater 
  • 5:03 Pac-Man Arcade Simulator 
  • 8:17 Classic Muncher

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Harrier Attack 30th Anniversary Challenge [Amstrad CPC] IN COLOUR!

The Speccy/Amstrad 'get shot 'em up' classic enters its third decade in existence sometime this year. To celebrate, Harry Yack attempts to do something he never quite managed in the early to mid-Nineties: eat a whole five finger Kit Kat. Indeed, such things weren't invented back then (I think - someone will be along to confirm it after lunch).

To make things a *bit* more interesting, while Mr Yack stuffs his gob with melted wafer there's free* footage of some game or other. I dunno; I forgot all about it because this was recorded some time in late 2012, possibly.

Apologies for frame skip and slurring. My computer was drunk and my brain fell out, OK?

From the (now sadly defunct) official Durell website:
"Harrier Attack was a resounding success for Durell, selling over 250,000 copies in total, worldwide, and becoming Durell's number one best seller."
HY addendum: Alan Sugar gave away a further nine billion copies of the game as free software bundled with the Amstrad CPC464.

Happy birthday, Harrier Attack, you owd get.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 37 & 38

Thankfully, the infeasibly long road to the Pink City is almost at an end. Before we begin celebrating, however, there is a hedge maze to navigate, complete with gibberish-spouting loafers. Go! Go!

There is no such word as 'hacteriolysis', buuuut:
 Bacteriolysis: Dissolution or destruction of bacteria.
--The Free Dictionary
I challenge you to watch these videos and not find yourself wandering kitchen-wards in search of sustenance. I know exactly what I'm having for my tea tonight. Oh yes, and we *might* find the fabled Pink City in part 38. Or not, as once again signs are not readily available. A little help here, game?

Bonus: silly quotes!

Girl Scout: Let those lovely PETs to extend their greeting to us all!
Girl Scout (on losing): How terrific! It's I who have been defeated thoroughly. (Sarcasm? Wow!)
Girl Scout (after losing): PET, that's all, let them compete incessantly. Not being enough strong is out of the question!
Birds-man: I can't lose! Wind blowes forward to my direction!
Birds-man (on losing): ..., the trend is bright and clear.
Villain Group: Among this area, because of few constructions, I often come here running! Villain Group (on losing): Oh, have a fall!
Villain Group (after losing): You are exactly good to foster it to that degree! however..., as long as strong, is an extraordinary!
Birds-man 2 (on losing): Why do you lose?
Villain Group 2: I'm an impetuous person! quick, quick, quick! 7#E-
Villain Group 2 (on losing): lost, lost come to an end, then bye-bye!
Villain Group 2 (after losing): What, what, what? Is there any other things?
On running out of move power points: None main points of skill is surplus!
Assist ant of Dr Aochider: I remember me? Hi...! The assistant of Dr AochiderThe illustrated handbook PET 50 types were collected, give you LEARN EQU(Gibberish characters)"
Girl: Maybe there is a road to the western of evergreen city. At the depths is alliance PET, an organization made of all PET, TRAINER, collected by.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 34-36

After being struck off the Kanto Doctors Register, Dr Aochider makes his reluctant return to the World of Pocket Monster. Leaving the Aster Town, Fool embarks upon the road to the Pink City/Town via a plethora of fat fishermen, picking up the BEST FISHINGROD along the way.

We're still quite a while away from reaching the Pink City, but remember: it is the journey, not the destination. And I only say that because I know from experience that the Pink City isn't necessarily going to live up the expectation. H'm ...,

Bonus - silly quotes!

Fisherman 1: Well, well! Fled, fled!
Fisherman 1 (after losing): Wait a movement! My fishing line is in disorder! (Excuses, excuses.)
Fisherman 2: ..., never busy! wait! , fishing is also an interest.
Fisherman 2 (on losing): Hey, ... wait me a minute!
Fisherman 3: Hi, a fishing-infatuated meets a PET-infatuated!
Fisherman 3 (on losing): exactly strong!
Fisherman 4 (on losing): how well... , unsmoothly?!
On defeating Karbi: Karbi gets gentle and obedient. gives a yarn, disapears in the mountain
Electron Group: My major is electricity. so understands little about PET in the sea
Electron Group (on losing): you looks weak and limp...,
Electron Group (after losing): H'm, ..., exactly it is water. it is very easy to pass through electricity. so, skill would have an effect
On getting a bite on your fishing rod: Ah! withdrawing, withdrawing!
On catching fish: I've angled succesfully, [PET name] Here rushed out!
On attempting to use sword skill: there appears somethinginsignificant in sword skill!
Fisherman 5: ..., you can angle whatever you like, , If you don't have a try you won't know that!
Fisherman 5 (on losing): unwise, unwise!
Fisherman 5 (after losing): Ah! the carp king..., though often angled, it is too weak ...,
Boy Scout: I am looking for stones of the moon. Do you have them?
Boy Scout (on losing): Damn, damn! ...,
Girl Scout: Wwhen going to explore the cave, picked up an indian gem
Girl Scout (on losing): ..., It is a pity! no strength.
Birdsman: My bird-infatuated want to compete with you!
Birdsman (on losing): The match between Bobo and Bechong also lose
Girl Scout 2: I'm the girl praised by people to have a good blood lineage!
Sister (on losing): Excellent!, really like a man!
Sister 2 (after losing): I actually don't understand PET, the PET also used by, is also determined according to the shape