Tuesday, 28 May 2013

[Audio Yakkage] YouTube Partnership: The Root Of All Evil? With GrumpyGamingHD

The correct background music for this video is 'Money' by Pink Floyd. I would link you to a video but there is no guarantee it would still be on YouTube by the time this video finishes uploading. That's copyright for you! :)

Scott Bailey (AKA GrumpyGamingHD) attempts to persuade Harry Yack into taking an offer of partnership. Will said bonkers bovine cave in to corporate pressure and plaster ads all over his videos in the hope of an extra 20p for the coffee machine? Probably not, but I urge you to listen anyway because LIKE! COMMENT! SUBSC- oh no... it's happening, *it is happening!*

*Yack instantaneously transforms into typical YouTube let's player, begins foaming at mouth*

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Censored for your own good, comrade!


Friday, 10 May 2013

GamesMaster S04E12 - Harry Yack and Console Snob Commentary

You asked for more, so we provided. Snob and Mumblin' Harry bumble their way through another 25 minutes of retro gaming goodness with this offering from the fourth series of seminal kids TV show GamesMaster. Check out Dom's fringe, it's longer than mine from the mid-90s!

  • See here for Snob and Yack's S01E01 commentary.