Sunday, 21 April 2013

Super Harry-O Bros. 2 [SNES] - Bog Standard Walkthroughs

The Incompetent Boob strikes again! Consider this an extended monologue with arbitrary moving pictures, as I don't exactly need to tell you how to play the game. Let's face it, you've probably played the game at least once on one of the 10,000 formats it has been released for.

I won't necessarily be offended if you use this as a walkthrough, though you might consider looking elsewhere, perhaps your local primary school, for actual skilled gameplay. Yes, your typical 8-year-old has completed this game on his portable DS machine more times than Grandad's had cigarette breaks.

Slight dampener: Apologies in advance for minor frame skip issues.

The full, unabridged version of this abomination is available at Retro Unlim.

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