Monday, 4 February 2013

[Director Commentary] Who Wants to be a Millionaire? UK & 2nd Edition [PS1]

Special bonus commentary for Harry Yack's 2011 WWTBAM video review, taken from the Harry Yack Master Tapes Volume 1 Home Video Library VHS released in parts of Cornwall sometime last year.

Stuff that didn't make it into the video (phew!)

This was my third attempt at a one-shot commentary, the previous two having been aborted at various points in the past twelve months due to their overall suckage. The voice-over you're currently witnessing was, however, interrupted half way through... see if you can spot when! It isn't *that* hard, I must say.

Script recording for the original video took place on a hot July afternoon, hence the somewhat intrusive reflection of my roof fan in game cases. I only noticed that after I'd edited and uploaded the thing but I hope it didn't ruin the experience for you.

The Millionaire TV show still retains some magic for me, but it's largely through nostalgia. I'm a bit critical of the current format in this recording, but after watching a repeat of a 'classic' 2002-ish episode yesterday afternoon, I do admit the pacing could be a bit slow at times. Maybe my recent Pointless bender has spoiled me. Hmm, wonder if they're planning a video game for that?

There is a brief reference to my Millionaire GCSE essay in the third part of Couch Gaming Pilot #1. I expand on this a bit here, but thankfully stop short of quoting extracts.

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