Monday, 25 February 2013

Retro Yakking Time Capsule: Continental Circus [Amstrad CPC] Bog Standard Review (2008)

Because I am somewhat paranoid about being Retsupuraed (:P), I wanted to get those old police siren videos cleaned up. This is the last original Beeping Review to be upgraded to 'Bog Standard' so I can now de-list the originals from 2008. You can still watch 'em... if you have the links. ;)

Original description (15 Oct 2008):

The Hindleyak bandwagon rolls through town once more! More racing capers this time round, and an inability to read the instruction manual. Bear with me on that... This is one of the better Amstrad racing games and most likely deserves a proper review so who knows? I may do a scripted version of this if I manage to beat all the tracks. Let's go!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Fancy riding my chopper? - High Rise [Amstrad CPC] (Bomber clone)

AKA Butchering the Classics #427.

High Rise picks up from where Harrier Attack leaves off as yet more innocent civilians are subject to horrific peacetime treatment. Good job it's only a game, eh?

Surely everyone knows this? It's the one where you circle a cluster of skyscrapers in a helicopter, destroying sections of them one bomb at a time. It's actually quite enjoyable, but as usual, Harry Yack suffers from a bout of performance anxiety and fails to portray the game to its fullest extent. Ah well, I never said this is a walkthrough. ;)

Predates the 'infamous' bootlegged 'City Bomber' by 2 years. :P

Monday, 4 February 2013

[Director Commentary] Who Wants to be a Millionaire? UK & 2nd Edition [PS1]

Special bonus commentary for Harry Yack's 2011 WWTBAM video review, taken from the Harry Yack Master Tapes Volume 1 Home Video Library VHS released in parts of Cornwall sometime last year.

Stuff that didn't make it into the video (phew!)

This was my third attempt at a one-shot commentary, the previous two having been aborted at various points in the past twelve months due to their overall suckage. The voice-over you're currently witnessing was, however, interrupted half way through... see if you can spot when! It isn't *that* hard, I must say.

Script recording for the original video took place on a hot July afternoon, hence the somewhat intrusive reflection of my roof fan in game cases. I only noticed that after I'd edited and uploaded the thing but I hope it didn't ruin the experience for you.

The Millionaire TV show still retains some magic for me, but it's largely through nostalgia. I'm a bit critical of the current format in this recording, but after watching a repeat of a 'classic' 2002-ish episode yesterday afternoon, I do admit the pacing could be a bit slow at times. Maybe my recent Pointless bender has spoiled me. Hmm, wonder if they're planning a video game for that?

There is a brief reference to my Millionaire GCSE essay in the third part of Couch Gaming Pilot #1. I expand on this a bit here, but thankfully stop short of quoting extracts.