Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Harry Yack at Retro Unlim - new blog thingy!

I am pleased to release details of my input at the new and frankly fan-flippin'-tastic Retro Unlim right here on this blog. That nobody reads. Please don't take that last sentence as an indication of's overall quality, because it's actually better than free Nectar points on all your purchases.

Anyway, what? Oh yeah, the press release thingy. Except it hasn't been released to any members of the press, or anyone at all really. Sigh. Just read the thing...
As of this day, 25 January 2013, I, Harry Yack of the Comma Splicing Association, have a brand new blog @ Retro Unlim. It will include exclusive videos that my YouTube channel and this blog do not. Apart from that, I dunno what else yet. But it will surely be a great thing, so go and look at it, please!
Yes indeed, the new Harry Yack @ Retro Unlim blog is ready! Go and check it out and let me know if I have made any spelling errors so I can despair at my proofreading skills. Gah, you wouldn't believe I once had a job editing copy for a magazine, eh?

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