Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Play Expo 2013, Manchester - A Luvvie Look Back With Harry Yack

Recorded the week following the event but only exported the other day because Harry Yack was having his hooves manicured. Yes, for two whole months. *Coughs awkwardly*

Crikey, a Harry Yack vlog? Well, I never. What's that large pink porcine object floating by in the distance? Oh, I seem to be mistaken- it is someone throwing the malfunctioning £13 Sega Mega Drive controller they bought from a randomly selected stall into the Manchester Ship Canal. Pass me my Speedos, I'm goin' in after it!

Wow, was that a Snifit in the queue at 2:10ish?

More Harry Yack Play Expo stuff can be found here...

And yet more can be found here (or by following the links, whatever)...

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Type-in Tacenda: Traffic Cones vs. Aliens [Amstrad CPC]

Don't let the wall-of-text thumbnail fool you, for this is a sophisticated, high-paced space shooter with photo-realistic aliens and an infinite supply of traffic cones confiscated from student accommodation.

Game blurb (maybe):

The Grumpies have now infiltrated outer space and must be obliterated before they destroy the Hyperverse. Wipe that frown clear from their faces with your 100ft tildes using NASA's custom-built time-stopping machine by mashing the shift button until it becomes detached from your keyboard. BASIC games have never been so pedestrian!

Available soon on the Playstation Network.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Retrounlim.com: Games World Live Xmas Special - Commentary with Harry Yack


Compliments of the season, Retro Unlimmers! How are your Xmas party hangovers? I hope the photocopier survived because our repairs budget only extends as far as a small cup of coffee since we shelled out for that Christmas tree made up of discarded Shaq Fu cases.

Sigh... Retro Unlim Live can only dream of such a high-budget production as Games World Live. Mum, do we *have* to eat origami paper towels in the shape of turkey and sprouts for Christmas dinner again? Can we not have hamster food?

This episode features: Take That's Chinese knock-off, blatant game-fixing, ignorance of BBFC licensing laws and the horrific innuendo that led to the show's eventual demise.

Full episode without commentary, courtesy http://youtube.com/DKTronics70 is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyNlOnJajgU

Friday, 29 November 2013

From Bedrooms to Billions Live Q&A


RetroUnlim.com is proud to present a From Bedrooms To Billions Live Q&A, filmed on Friday 29th of November 2013. Featuring host Harry Yack, From Bedrooms To Billions directors Anthony and Nicola Caulfield, Music Engineer Max Hall and retrogaming music legend Ben Daglish.

Including Exclusive Music Tracks From The Soundtrack Of The Upcoming Film:


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Harry Yack on jl76gaming's Desert Island Games (podcast interview)

The entire episode of Harry Yack's appearance on jl76gaming's Desert Island Games. Includes extended chat about football management sims and ideas for the Road Rashification of Grand Theft Auto. Oh yes!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Harry Yack's Quest For ISS64 @ Play Expo 2013

Rob Hubbard. That's all I have to say.

Oh, go on then. See above video for a professional HD, 100-minute journalistic report on Play Expo 2013, which took place on 12-13 October 2013 at Event City in the MCR.* Starring Chris Ashankt and half of the 16 Bit Bros, who tell a rather amusing story about Woodlin37's night time habits.

*Not my fault if YouTube downgraded it to 480p and 11 minutes! Be warned.


  • Pink PSOne - 100 points
  • Him from the Mastertronic Chronicles - 50 points
  • Free Chupa Chups lollies (actually 10p each) - 10 points (Clue: check the video thumbnail...)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

From Bedrooms to Billions Q&A Panel at Play Expo, Manchester, 12 Oct 2013


Apologies for the deteriorating audio quality. The avid Streetfighter fans were enjoying the Capcom tourney a bit *too* much, and the camera's battery ran out five minutes from the end, forcing our camerayak to switch to that godawful backup cam. :P


Friday, 11 October 2013

Bioluminescent Scalextric - Enduro/F1 Race [Atari 2600/TV Boy]

Na' then! You all know this game from the Inept Review, but for added psychedelia, I recommend Stick-of-Rock-tivision's TV Boy version replete with exotically-coloured sky. Ah'm geddin' the munchies just watchin'! Hee hee...

Side note: recording to VHS then DVD is a pain in the backside. Only do it if you are a hopelessly hardcore retroist like me.

Oh, go on then:

Now, it is Friday evening so consume an alcoholic beverage and ne'er more claim my videos are in the least bit engaging. Go!


Monday, 30 September 2013

Harry Yack Viewer Mail: Discount chips, bubble wrap and Hamster Munch

Warning: contains unboxing and regurgitated content. Yep, tempted by the promise of cookies, Harry Yack has finally turned to the Dark Side!

Look, it seemed like a good idea at the time, OK? Actually it didn't, but I spent an hour making this so you might like to see it.

My enormous gratitude to:
RU Live 08 My Hamster Director's Cut:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Friday, 20 September 2013

Retrounlim.com: Games Republic - Commentary with Harry Yack

Last in season, oh no! Sadly, this commentary mini-series is all but over for the foreseeable future. As a parting gift, Harry Yack ventures from the safe confines of Games World to the scary realm of the Games Republic from that criminally underwatched cable channel.

We were only able to receive The Computer Channel (seen here in its .tv incarnation) when some bloke came round and modded our box so we got more stations. I am not completely sure whether this was legal, but the thing exploded soon after so I guess not.

Remember that Christmas episode of Games Master where Dave Perry and a bunch of other, non-bandannaed blokes answered questions about video games? Well, it's a bit like that but on a set vaguely reminiscent of that used for Games World Series 4. Plus there are a couple of kids TV presenters who probably know nothing about games. A recipe for success, surely? Yep.

Fun (but sadly false) fact: Trevor now runs a tattoo removal parlour right across the road from Mr Perry's establishment. The two exchange angry shakes of the fist on a daily basis.

Hmm, I'd better not get a copyright strike for this show's irresponsible use of O Fortuna.

No comms versions...

Twitter accounts of them there presenters.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Retrounlim.com: Games World: The Barry Show - Commentary with Harry Yack

Republished with kind permission of http://retrounlim.com.

There is a good reason I left Barry's Games World stuff until last. I never much liked him as a character and would have preferred Electric Eddie to muscle his way on set, assuming control in the only way he knew how, by... erm... threatening to take off his mask, unleashing the full force of his halitosis?

Full 2-episode double header uploaded here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xopvl8qXCxU

I couldn't last a full 25 minutes with this commentary, but never mind because I'm sure you wouldn't put up with that much (Harry) yakking either.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Now and Next on Harry Yack's Retro Yakkage (Updates Sep 2013)

A talkie thingy in which I chat to myself about past and present videos, with some blatant promotion for the Retro Unlim Livestreams.

Links to stuff mentioned int' video:

Apologies for the jerky scrollin' credits... :P

Monday, 2 September 2013

Learn Guitar With UmJammer Harry - Um Jammer Lammy (PSX)

Me um Harry. Me play one scale on guitar and think me um cool.

Screw Rock Band, the Parappa series was around long before they were pretending video games were more fun than spending 100 hours learning a musical instrument. Which they aren't! Have you ever seen a busker with a Guitar Hero controller? That's because you'd starve to death.

Anyhow, this is by no means an original idea but I thought it would be fun to do. The song is fairly simple to riff on, even for a 'musician' of my limited skill. I did spend an hour messing around with improvisations, though, and created a rhythm section but the resulting mix sounded like a train. :P

No more parts to come, despite allusions to the contrary. A conventional Bog Standard Walkthrough is a distinct possibility, however, since I did buy the game on PSN over the weekend.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Retrounlim.com: Games World House of Games - Commentary with Harry Yack

Republished with kind permission of retrounlim.com.

It's rather scary, but keep reminding yourself it isn't real. Or is it...? 

Think GamesMaster but with Scooby Doo references and a distinct lack of innuendo. Throw in some customary Hewland green screen animation and you have the genesis of GamesWorld's House of Games. 

The show was spread over the course of a half hour slot but I haven't been able to track down a full episode yet. Good job because I don't think you'd be able to last another whopping 25 minutes of Harry Yack spitting on his mic. But can *you* last fifteen minutes? I could only manage 20 seconds.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Retrounlim.com: GamesMaster - Auntie Marisha v Lettie Edwards - Commentary with Harry Yack

Republished with kind permission of retrounlim.com.

It wasn't just whippersnappers like you who took part in Game Master challenges, you know! For one night only (well, five minutes), Our Marisha and Lettie showed those little pipsqueaks exactly how to land a Dragon Hyperkick Punch on Ryuken in erm, Kings of Monster 2 by Neil Gio.

Nurse, bring me my pillow. It's naptime in five minutes! Gee, I hope she arrives soon otherwise... zzzzzz snore.

Oh dear, that's the last time I let my Grandad, Barry Yack, write my video descriptions. Just roll the flipping tape.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Don't Whizz On The Electrified Fence (Time Warp/Helicopter Squad, TV Boy/Atari 2600)

From the depths of Harry Yack's grainy, supermarket brand lemonade stained VHS library emerges yet more TV Boy buffoonery. I'd like to say Systema coded this game from scratch themselves, but in time-honoured tradition they just ripped off a game by Zellers. Who may have possibly stole the idea themselves. From this we can presumably gather there is no honour amongst hackers, especially not Chinese ones (allegedly).

Addendum: Through extensive research, I was able to ascertain that Zellers was an 80s Canadian version of Poundland. Possibly. -- Harry Yack, The Land of the Long Winded Titles.

*Nothing to do with Ren and Stimpy.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The (Not So) Cack-Man Challenge [Atari 2600]

In a desperate attempt to channel the 80s spirit, Harry Yack goes all VHS on us with the TV Boy's version of everyone's (no-one's?) favourite hyphen-munching sim, Atari Pac-Man. Is it really as bad as they all say? Of course not, but it's fun to exaggerate for humorous effect.

Now with viewer comments! Requested by RetroGames1979.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Harry Yack (Almost) Live IV: Whoever said golf was boring?

I talk about PGA European Tour for the first hour before I am joined by some Retro Unlim cronies to chat about the controversial Retro Unlim Live 02. With RetroGames1979 and RetroUnlim.

Retrounlim.com: Games World Live (1994) - Commentary with Harry Yack

Republished with kind permission of http://retrounlim.com

Tired of Bob Mills' ugly mug? Then I grant you this reprieve starring the phlegmatic Jeremy Daldry... and Andy Collins, but I won't mention him again for fear of being cursed to create these terrible video game TV show commentaries for eternity. Lemme tell you, it's not something I wish to be doing while Satan's flogging my rump raw some 100 years from now.

Games World broadcast five nights a week, so the obligatory live edition was somewhat inevitable. Hewland's adopted formula was thus: send the hyperactive Mr Coll... erm, presenter bloke to kids' houses and mess up their living rooms, throwing back to man-in-the-studio Daldry every now and again while producers hastily organise the next shot, probably in the kid's bathroom.

Sound interesting? Well, I urge you to watch the whole of this video before making your mind up. Sorry it lasts 25 minutes, but this stuff warranted such lengthy timeslots back then, you know.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Harry Yack (Almost) Live III: Surprise edition, fools! With Demon of Gaming

Ooooh man, if you watch all the way through both parts I will personally come round to your house and shake your hand! Please don't take that last sentence seriously, for in reality I have no hands with which to shake you or certain parts of your anatomy.

1:53:30 of part 2 to hear DemonOfGaming.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Harry Yack (Almost) Live II: Of Mice And Yaks with RetroGames1979

Harry and guest(s) rattle through over 20 Mega Drive game in (almost) three solid hours of video game sarcasm. Skip to 2:25:20 to hear Harry scream like a girl!

With RetroGames1979.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Harry Yack (Almost) Live! I: Oh Mummy Genesis

Harry Yack vs Google Hangouts Volume I.
  • Oh Mummy Classic starts at 0:00
  • Oh Mummy Genesis starts at 1:04:00

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pac-Man Turner Overdrive - Amstrad CPC Pac-Man clones

Baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet! More wailing on the Atari Pac-Man awaits the brave viewer of this mini-compendium of pill munching abominations... well, they aren't all that bad actually, at least not compared to the aforementioned Atari release. Watch out for Harry Yack's attempt at video game hacking with a bit of manual overclocking, with mixed results.

Game timecodes:

  • 0:00 Maze Eater 
  • 5:03 Pac-Man Arcade Simulator 
  • 8:17 Classic Muncher

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Harrier Attack 30th Anniversary Challenge [Amstrad CPC] IN COLOUR!

The Speccy/Amstrad 'get shot 'em up' classic enters its third decade in existence sometime this year. To celebrate, Harry Yack attempts to do something he never quite managed in the early to mid-Nineties: eat a whole five finger Kit Kat. Indeed, such things weren't invented back then (I think - someone will be along to confirm it after lunch).

To make things a *bit* more interesting, while Mr Yack stuffs his gob with melted wafer there's free* footage of some game or other. I dunno; I forgot all about it because this was recorded some time in late 2012, possibly.

Apologies for frame skip and slurring. My computer was drunk and my brain fell out, OK?

From the (now sadly defunct) official Durell website:
"Harrier Attack was a resounding success for Durell, selling over 250,000 copies in total, worldwide, and becoming Durell's number one best seller."
HY addendum: Alan Sugar gave away a further nine billion copies of the game as free software bundled with the Amstrad CPC464.

Happy birthday, Harrier Attack, you owd get.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 37 & 38

Thankfully, the infeasibly long road to the Pink City is almost at an end. Before we begin celebrating, however, there is a hedge maze to navigate, complete with gibberish-spouting loafers. Go! Go!

There is no such word as 'hacteriolysis', buuuut:
 Bacteriolysis: Dissolution or destruction of bacteria.
--The Free Dictionary
I challenge you to watch these videos and not find yourself wandering kitchen-wards in search of sustenance. I know exactly what I'm having for my tea tonight. Oh yes, and we *might* find the fabled Pink City in part 38. Or not, as once again signs are not readily available. A little help here, game?

Bonus: silly quotes!

Girl Scout: Let those lovely PETs to extend their greeting to us all!
Girl Scout (on losing): How terrific! It's I who have been defeated thoroughly. (Sarcasm? Wow!)
Girl Scout (after losing): PET, that's all, let them compete incessantly. Not being enough strong is out of the question!
Birds-man: I can't lose! Wind blowes forward to my direction!
Birds-man (on losing): ..., the trend is bright and clear.
Villain Group: Among this area, because of few constructions, I often come here running! Villain Group (on losing): Oh, have a fall!
Villain Group (after losing): You are exactly good to foster it to that degree! however..., as long as strong, is an extraordinary!
Birds-man 2 (on losing): Why do you lose?
Villain Group 2: I'm an impetuous person! quick, quick, quick! 7#E-
Villain Group 2 (on losing): lost, lost come to an end, then bye-bye!
Villain Group 2 (after losing): What, what, what? Is there any other things?
On running out of move power points: None main points of skill is surplus!
Assist ant of Dr Aochider: I remember me? Hi...! The assistant of Dr AochiderThe illustrated handbook PET 50 types were collected, give you LEARN EQU(Gibberish characters)"
Girl: Maybe there is a road to the western of evergreen city. At the depths is alliance PET, an organization made of all PET, TRAINER, collected by.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 34-36

After being struck off the Kanto Doctors Register, Dr Aochider makes his reluctant return to the World of Pocket Monster. Leaving the Aster Town, Fool embarks upon the road to the Pink City/Town via a plethora of fat fishermen, picking up the BEST FISHINGROD along the way.

We're still quite a while away from reaching the Pink City, but remember: it is the journey, not the destination. And I only say that because I know from experience that the Pink City isn't necessarily going to live up the expectation. H'm ...,

Bonus - silly quotes!

Fisherman 1: Well, well! Fled, fled!
Fisherman 1 (after losing): Wait a movement! My fishing line is in disorder! (Excuses, excuses.)
Fisherman 2: ..., never busy! wait! , fishing is also an interest.
Fisherman 2 (on losing): Hey, ... wait me a minute!
Fisherman 3: Hi, a fishing-infatuated meets a PET-infatuated!
Fisherman 3 (on losing): exactly strong!
Fisherman 4 (on losing): how well... , unsmoothly?!
On defeating Karbi: Karbi gets gentle and obedient. gives a yarn, disapears in the mountain
Electron Group: My major is electricity. so understands little about PET in the sea
Electron Group (on losing): you looks weak and limp...,
Electron Group (after losing): H'm, ..., exactly it is water. it is very easy to pass through electricity. so, skill would have an effect
On getting a bite on your fishing rod: Ah! withdrawing, withdrawing!
On catching fish: I've angled succesfully, [PET name] Here rushed out!
On attempting to use sword skill: there appears somethinginsignificant in sword skill!
Fisherman 5: ..., you can angle whatever you like, , If you don't have a try you won't know that!
Fisherman 5 (on losing): unwise, unwise!
Fisherman 5 (after losing): Ah! the carp king..., though often angled, it is too weak ...,
Boy Scout: I am looking for stones of the moon. Do you have them?
Boy Scout (on losing): Damn, damn! ...,
Girl Scout: Wwhen going to explore the cave, picked up an indian gem
Girl Scout (on losing): ..., It is a pity! no strength.
Birdsman: My bird-infatuated want to compete with you!
Birdsman (on losing): The match between Bobo and Bechong also lose
Girl Scout 2: I'm the girl praised by people to have a good blood lineage!
Sister (on losing): Excellent!, really like a man!
Sister 2 (after losing): I actually don't understand PET, the PET also used by, is also determined according to the shape

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

[Audio Yakkage] YouTube Partnership: The Root Of All Evil? With GrumpyGamingHD

The correct background music for this video is 'Money' by Pink Floyd. I would link you to a video but there is no guarantee it would still be on YouTube by the time this video finishes uploading. That's copyright for you! :)

Scott Bailey (AKA GrumpyGamingHD) attempts to persuade Harry Yack into taking an offer of partnership. Will said bonkers bovine cave in to corporate pressure and plaster ads all over his videos in the hope of an extra 20p for the coffee machine? Probably not, but I urge you to listen anyway because LIKE! COMMENT! SUBSC- oh no... it's happening, *it is happening!*

*Yack instantaneously transforms into typical YouTube let's player, begins foaming at mouth*

Vote for me and such! Go and view all my other videos! Please give generously! *Moneeeey!*

Censored for your own good, comrade!


Friday, 10 May 2013

GamesMaster S04E12 - Harry Yack and Console Snob Commentary

You asked for more, so we provided. Snob and Mumblin' Harry bumble their way through another 25 minutes of retro gaming goodness with this offering from the fourth series of seminal kids TV show GamesMaster. Check out Dom's fringe, it's longer than mine from the mid-90s!

  • See here for Snob and Yack's S01E01 commentary.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Harry Yack's Columns Challenge: Volume I - The Relevant Edition

You don't have to be good at something to enjoy it. Case in point: Columns, which is stupidly easy on Novice yet insanely difficult on Hard. Far from seeking a happy medium, Harry Yack wimpishly embarks upon an exercise in pointlessness by attempting to reach the maximum possible game level on the Mega Drive's Columns. Do you care enough to watch?

Includes some traditional Retro Yakking with a bunch of school-related childhood memories and why Harry Yack's father is a great fibber. In other words, he yammers on about anything but Columns in a vain effort to grasp the coat tails of entertainment.

Hey, you wouldn't want it any other way.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Super Harry-O Bros. 2 [SNES] - Bog Standard Walkthroughs

The Incompetent Boob strikes again! Consider this an extended monologue with arbitrary moving pictures, as I don't exactly need to tell you how to play the game. Let's face it, you've probably played the game at least once on one of the 10,000 formats it has been released for.

I won't necessarily be offended if you use this as a walkthrough, though you might consider looking elsewhere, perhaps your local primary school, for actual skilled gameplay. Yes, your typical 8-year-old has completed this game on his portable DS machine more times than Grandad's had cigarette breaks.

Slight dampener: Apologies in advance for minor frame skip issues.

The full, unabridged version of this abomination is available at Retro Unlim.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

RetroUnlim Podcast 01 - The Irrefrangible Sony Playstation with Tubers93

In this momentous first edition of the Retro Unlim Podcast, Harry Yack and Tubers discuss the impact of some of their favourite Sony Playstation games. The conversation naturally turns to modern gaming, in particular driving ‘simulators’, but thoughts quickly return to retro with a live flickthrough of Playstation Plus Magazine.

Games discussed (at various lengths): Tekken 2, Gran Turismo, Rage Racer, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (& TV show), Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot and more.

Tubers’ YouTube channel

  • Download options here
  • RU Radio - all episodes here

Monday, 1 April 2013

Let's Play Battlefield 3 [PS3] 001

Welcome to a new era of Harry Yack videos! :)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Formula One: Council Estate Edition - Car Massacre [Amstrad CPC]

Though this game is entirely in French, thanks to my GCSE in foreign languages I was able to draft the following translation of the description on the back of its cassette case:

"Jimmy is a 17-year-old motor racing fan who just passed his license test (by one mark, and only because the examiner was his uncle). His rich parents have bought him an ex-rental Renault Formula One car, which he must now use to eliminate all those annoying neighbours who constantly nag him to stop playing his Arctic Monkeys records so loud. I think exploding them into a pool of flesh and blood is apt revenge for their conservative points of view, don't you?"

Well, erm, I can't really follow that.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

GamesMaster S01E01 - Harry Yack & Console Snob commentary

Fan commentary starring snooker legend Dominik 'Taylor' Diamond and a motley crew of young (and old) gamers. Special guest: John Fashanu, pardner!

GamesMaster is copyright 1992 Hewland. Fair dealing claimed!

Visit the Snob's channel by clicking here.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

**STOP PRESS** Harry Yack In "Doesn't Suck" Shock! - High Rise follow-up

Certain mainstream media outlets will have you believe I am not very good at computer and video games. While this is undoubtedly true, even the most incompetent of fools have their moments of genius - see Olivier Kapo's goal against Chelsea for a prime example. Sadly my own five minutes of competence came while playing a clone of a game nobody plays any more - or at least, they've neglected to re-release it for XBOX Live Arcade. Sigh.

Thanks to everyone that commented on the original High Rise video. Just because I didn't mention you in this one doesn't mean I dislike you. Just that I hate you.

 ...You *know* I didn't mean that. Happy Truant's Day!

People mentioned in this video

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hairy Yak's Reetro Yackidge - Bootleg Edition

Please do not bootleg this video!

Someone clearly saw my hairy arms before naming this unauthorised compilation of unused clips. Just remember to destroy/send me any copies you see in the wild and I'll post you a galvanised paperclip or something in return.

In the unlikely event that it was Playstation who commissioned this product, apologies for passing off your video content as my own. I plead extreme stupidity! Also, buy a dictionary, guys. :P

Games featured

  • 2:30 Cackman (Atari 2600) guerilla review
  • 5:59 Amstrad CPC crocodile adverts (commentary)
  • 7:53 Anagrams (Amstrad CPC) Bog Standard Review
  • 11:17 Having Fun in Gran Turismo 4 on the Cheap (PS2)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

LA Noire '88 - Boss of Chicago [Amstrad CPC]

Oh, hi mobsters! Nice of you to be so considerate as to wait five seconds before opening fire because I left my light gun at home.

A rather simple game once you figure out the above. This issue was remedied and then some in the sequel, aptly named Boss of Chicago 2, which is almost impossible to complete on your own. I haven't yet found anyone stupid enough to play it with me, and I don't think I will bother trying any more.

Try it if you like, but Prohibition (Infogrames, 1987) looks better. I might give that a whirl soon.

Friday, 1 March 2013

250,000 Subscriber Special - Retrounlim Podcast & shoutouts

In this momentous milestone video, Harry Yack talks a bit about the RU Podcast and Couch Gaming. Hey, have you noticed couch gaming has become a bit of a 'thing' lately? Well, due to lack of equipment, Harry's own attempt at the format has evolved into said podcast for the time being. Stick around until the end for some cringeworthy caffeine-fuelled madness, fools!


Super NES games may be on the way. I certainly have a backlog of (mostly football) cartridges that I acquired sometime last year, so look out for those in the coming months. Maybe.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Retro Yakking Time Capsule: Continental Circus [Amstrad CPC] Bog Standard Review (2008)

Because I am somewhat paranoid about being Retsupuraed (:P), I wanted to get those old police siren videos cleaned up. This is the last original Beeping Review to be upgraded to 'Bog Standard' so I can now de-list the originals from 2008. You can still watch 'em... if you have the links. ;)

Original description (15 Oct 2008):

The Hindleyak bandwagon rolls through town once more! More racing capers this time round, and an inability to read the instruction manual. Bear with me on that... This is one of the better Amstrad racing games and most likely deserves a proper review so who knows? I may do a scripted version of this if I manage to beat all the tracks. Let's go!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Fancy riding my chopper? - High Rise [Amstrad CPC] (Bomber clone)

AKA Butchering the Classics #427.

High Rise picks up from where Harrier Attack leaves off as yet more innocent civilians are subject to horrific peacetime treatment. Good job it's only a game, eh?

Surely everyone knows this? It's the one where you circle a cluster of skyscrapers in a helicopter, destroying sections of them one bomb at a time. It's actually quite enjoyable, but as usual, Harry Yack suffers from a bout of performance anxiety and fails to portray the game to its fullest extent. Ah well, I never said this is a walkthrough. ;)

Predates the 'infamous' bootlegged 'City Bomber' by 2 years. :P

Monday, 4 February 2013

[Director Commentary] Who Wants to be a Millionaire? UK & 2nd Edition [PS1]

Special bonus commentary for Harry Yack's 2011 WWTBAM video review, taken from the Harry Yack Master Tapes Volume 1 Home Video Library VHS released in parts of Cornwall sometime last year.

Stuff that didn't make it into the video (phew!)

This was my third attempt at a one-shot commentary, the previous two having been aborted at various points in the past twelve months due to their overall suckage. The voice-over you're currently witnessing was, however, interrupted half way through... see if you can spot when! It isn't *that* hard, I must say.

Script recording for the original video took place on a hot July afternoon, hence the somewhat intrusive reflection of my roof fan in game cases. I only noticed that after I'd edited and uploaded the thing but I hope it didn't ruin the experience for you.

The Millionaire TV show still retains some magic for me, but it's largely through nostalgia. I'm a bit critical of the current format in this recording, but after watching a repeat of a 'classic' 2002-ish episode yesterday afternoon, I do admit the pacing could be a bit slow at times. Maybe my recent Pointless bender has spoiled me. Hmm, wonder if they're planning a video game for that?

There is a brief reference to my Millionaire GCSE essay in the third part of Couch Gaming Pilot #1. I expand on this a bit here, but thankfully stop short of quoting extracts.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Harry Yack at Retro Unlim - new blog thingy!

I am pleased to release details of my input at the new and frankly fan-flippin'-tastic Retro Unlim right here on this blog. That nobody reads. Please don't take that last sentence as an indication of RU.com's overall quality, because it's actually better than free Nectar points on all your purchases.

Anyway, what? Oh yeah, the press release thingy. Except it hasn't been released to any members of the press, or anyone at all really. Sigh. Just read the thing...
As of this day, 25 January 2013, I, Harry Yack of the Comma Splicing Association, have a brand new blog @ Retro Unlim. It will include exclusive videos that my YouTube channel and this blog do not. Apart from that, I dunno what else yet. But it will surely be a great thing, so go and look at it, please!
Yes indeed, the new Harry Yack @ Retro Unlim blog is ready! Go and check it out and let me know if I have made any spelling errors so I can despair at my proofreading skills. Gah, you wouldn't believe I once had a job editing copy for a magazine, eh?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Renegade [Amstrad CPC] - Blind Optimism

When revisiting games from your childhood, you often find they are much easier than you remember. Did you *really* spend 100 hours completing Super Mario Bros. without the warps, when you could do it in a lunchtime this afternoon?

Then there are games that your 8-year old self finished with ease that seem impossible in 2013. Why is it so hard to simply score a goal in ISS Deluxe nowadays? And why can't I react to the clay pigeons in Duck Hunt any more?

Finally, there are games that are *just* as hard as you remember. Maybe it's a case of getting to grips with the controls again, but getting past the first stage in Renegade proved as difficult a task as ever. Oh well, at least we had some fun, eh?

Created for the magnificent 8-Bit Anarchy.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

RU Ready? Retrounlim.com shameless promo/plug thing

To celebrate the launch of Retro Unlim, two brand spanking new, never-before-seen Harry Yack videos will be made available on the 4th January! If you can't be bothered visiting, links will appear here on Retro Yakking and some other places whenever I can drag myself out of bed.

This is a 'fancy' teaser sting I did for retrounlim.com. Not great, but it does the job I suppose.