Friday, 28 December 2012

Type-in Tacenda: A Classic Christmas

This Christmas, we're going back to the genesis (no, not the games console, or indeed that American Pro Wrestling tournament) of video games with a couple of type-in classics for the Amstrad CPC.

I can say with some certainty there is not one person watching that hasn't played either Breakout or Pong, most likely both. But have you played Bustout or Telly Tennis? If so, I pity you... :P

Bustout by Alexander Martin holds the distinction of being the first Amstrad type-in outside the system manual. Telly Tennis, meanwhile, provides a novel alternative to the classic Pong... at 0.1mph. The former holds a place in type-in history and is worth a place in this most festive of specials, but the latter? Well, I wouldn't bother.

[0:07] Bustout AKA Breakout AKA Arkanoid AKA bashing blocks
[3:07] Telly Tennis AKA Ping Pong AKA... well, Pong

Whiteboard Pong by Harold Yack

Merry Chrimbo.

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