Monday, 31 December 2012

The Great Escape (Flying Saucers) - TV Boy II [Atari 2600 clone]

Blind play session recorded sometime in late 2011, upscaled to HD and uploaded December 2012 for your viewing delectation. Should have been part of a 'Failed LPs' video that has not come to pass. Yet.

Sadly has nothing to do with Stevie McQueen or anything cool like that, though hamburgers are alright I suppose. Which reminds me, why do graphics in Atari games always look like food? Is that why many kids growing up in the 1980s became overweight slobs? Or perhaps that's just me?

The idea of breaking out of jail has always fascinated me, but maybe that's because I'm sat in a cell in Wormwood Scrubs. Uh oh, I hear the guards coming - leisure time is over. Back to breaking bricks for pig food and next year's mince pies, then.

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