Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lord of the Leg-byes - Cricket Crazy [Amstrad CPC]

Of all the subjects you could make a text adventure about, cricket is probably the least likely. Thankfully, this game has little to do with the sport, instead focusing on the continuing adventures of the England cricket team circa 1988.

Action centres around events described in Ian 'Ram' Botham's autobiography 'Guano and Gower'. You'll have to watch the video to find out what happens, because the book was pulled by the ECB after only 300 copies were printed. Apparently they don't like players blabbing about top secret operations in Natangaville, Kerguezeland.

The verdict? Favourable, as it happens. It's not too difficult to find your way around, and a very British sense of humour is prevalent to brighten the most boring of situations. Plus there's a walkthrough available on the internet just in case you get confused in all the guano-pilfering action.

Goes on ten minutes too long considering I only demo half the game, but what the heck.

I wonder what we had to pick up those tea bags for? Considering why we eventually needed the cigarettes, I'd suggest they may be to feed a hungry shark with a taste for Earl Grey.

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