Saturday, 17 November 2012

Which way now? To the pub! - Sultan's Maze [Amstrad CPC] Walkthrough

After a previous, highly unsuccessful attempt to navigate the corrugated hedge maze, you would be forgiven for thinking Harry had learned his lesson. But alas, the lure of great riches was far too tempting for this traveller.

Bog Standard Reviews returns to the source of many a childhood nightmare to try and offer some advice for fellow (stupid) adventurers who wish to escape the maze with at least a shred of their life force remaining. Though I dunno why you'd even bother, because you have to put the treasures back afterwards.

Hopefully this time, armed with a new strategy and (little) knowledge of the instructions, Mr Yack will be able to avoid the LS Lowry-inspired Guardian. Pah, how can a child's matchstick model of a ghost be so much of a threat? Well, we shall see.

Apologies for the slightly iffy quality - I blame this on YouTube's encoding methods. But hey, at least this version's in colour. :)

  •  Many moons ago, I did a written review of this game. You can find it here if you're feeling brave enough. 
  •  The original (but definitely not definitive) Bog Standard Review is here.

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