Thursday, 1 November 2012

Welcome to Heaven. Admittance: 100 Gold Coins - Haunted Hedges [Amstrad CPC]

Bog Standard Reviews is back!

Let's face it, the back story for Pac-Man is a bit rubbish. Some rotund anthropomorphic gobstopper popping pills found on the floor? I'd much rather control a bloke navigating a hedge maze in the spirit world. Quite why they would have such structures there is never answered in Haunted Hedges, but I suspect ghosts need a way to enjoy themselves too.

Definitely not to be confused with Haunted Hills on the Action 52 multi-cart, or indeed Sultan's Maze, which this game bears a striking similarity to.

Originally marketed as a '3D' game. Home Computing Weekly awarded the Speccy version 5 stars, while Your Computer only gave it two. What is this affront to the mighty Pac-Man, YC?!

  • Musical compositions by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Small correction: Game is copyright 1983, not '84. Note to self - double check the inlay next time.

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