Monday, 19 November 2012

Traducciones sin Sentido (Pointless Translations) S01E01: El Laberinto del Sultan [Amstrad CPC]

Ahh, only in Jap... erm, Spain?!

It is a little known fact that Gem Software's wireframe ghost-dodging sim Sultan's Maze was so culturally significant it warranted a Spanish language version. Evidently the South-West European market for hedge-jumping was still burgeoning as late as 1989, when PEZ Software prompted the question, "are they still re-releasing this gumph?"

I promise this is the last you'll hear of Sultan's, at least for the time being. Recent Halloween festivities combined with bumper playing sessions have me nervously looking round the corner of ginnels and alleys for seemingly no rational reason. But there could be a ghost round there!

Don't worry, there aren't any illegal VHS rips of the rest of this mythical 'Pointless Translations' series on the way - all remaining footage was either destroyed or buried beneath the Thelwall Viaduct following the great Video Tape Crash of 2000.

Lo siento, pero no puedo entrar en cualquier correspondencia, en espaƱol. Wait, I mean, I apologise for not being able to enter into any correspondence in Spanish. Ugh, I dunno what happened there - I was possessed by the Demon of Google Translate or something.

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