Monday, 5 November 2012

Fat Dominik Diamond must die - Driver 2 [Sony Playstation]

Retro Yakking presents a driving masterclass courtesy sandboxy GTA wannabe Driver 2. Or not - thanks to a worrying inability to concentrate during the cut scenes, Harry Yack immediately slaughters his right hand man Jones, and the very person he was attempting to protect, one Pink Lenny.

They aren't the only ones to suffer, however, for Mr Yack's driving is almost as bad as that of an anthropomorphic yak who has pilfered a pair of severed human hands and attached them to his hooves. Needless to say, numerous innocent pedestrians with slow-motion walk cycles did not survive.

 "We do not need the boundaries of the road to tell us what to do!"

  • Music during cutscenes is not from the game but, because I am paranoid about copyright claims on music tracks. 
  • Donation by Fawltykog. Cheers, Fawlts!

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