Wednesday, 24 October 2012

UK Queuing Championships [Play Expo], Manchester 2012

Finally, a benefit of living in Greater Manchester! Five quid for an any bus day pass to anywhere in the metropolitan county ain't too bad, especially when the UK's largest retro gaming Expo just so happens to be taking place up Salford way.

Although the huge collection of retro television sets is something of a nostalgia trip, scanlines don't necessarily make for decent camshot footage. Never mind, it's the consoles you're here for, eh?

Drinking game:
  • Take a shot every time I reference something from last year's video.
  • Down a full pint every time you recognise a YouTuber (there's at least one).
  • Drink a whole bottle of Toilet Duck for every reference to British pop culture.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Play Expo, EventCity, Manchester, 13 October 2012 [Photos]

It may have an all new name and location, but Play Expo (formerly Replay) still has to put up with the irritating flashbulb of Harry Yack's Fujifilm camera. This year, the plush seaside surroundings of Norbreck Castle were swapped for the slightly larger EventCity venue, situated just across the road from Manchester's Trafford Centre.

Although technical and queuing problems blighted Saturday morning, I managed to get in relatively quickly and painlessly around noon. Oh lucky me. Anyway, this is some of what I saw.

Ballin' with the pins. And dinosaurs.

The ever-present Llamasoft mascot, possibly the one from Trip-a-Tron.

Mario and Luigi pick up a Koopa burger.

Metal Gear on the Nintendo. I prefer the Playstation version, to be honest.

The oft-overlooked Neo Geo and Dreamcast.

Granny Turismo on the positively dinky PSOne.

All together now! #God save our gracious queen...#

Shootin' 'em up on the behemoth that is the Sega Master System.

Racecar action with the Sony Playstation.

Stunt Car Racer *in colour*! Wow.

Mario with the NES Zapper? I suspect that's a challenge.

Various retro consoles/computers. And more green tablecloth.

Amstrad GX4000 with Crazy Cars II.

Running repairs to the Jurassic Park table.

Video from the Saturday will be posted here in 24 hours. Hopefully you can all wait that long. ;)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Four times the juice - NBA Jam Tournament Edition [Mega Drive]

Coming soon to a school gym near you... Basketball gets even *more* commercial with a bit of jam 'n' juice. If the 50-foot dunks and 9-point baskets don't rope you in, the random earthquakes and length-of-the-court shots certainly will.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition capitalises on the rip-roaring success of its predecessor, introducing all-new power ups and play modes to milk the cash co- erm, I mean, add even more excitement to an already thrilling game.

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