Friday, 28 September 2012

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 32 & 33

After a year's downtime, the Doctor returns to offer tips on drying your washing, teaching children the English language and recession-busting haircuts. Not bad, considering this is supposed to be a let's play of Pokemon Green Engrish version.

Pokemon Engrish Part 33 can be described thusly: Breakfast arrangements; Teenage Mutant Ninja Dummy; Bob Marley; the Pokemon 'forum translation' theory; more real life Pokemon theologising; How 2; more ignorance of mainstream religions; the Queen of the Rocket Members; the grandfather kidnap plot; the solution to Britain's debt problems.

Bonus - silly quotes!

Bloke: "I never forget... dead Pipi! ... won't do! tears drop..."
Girl: "Ah, Why my yady... died? ...
Roky: "Oh! Fool! What do you do to come here? Is your PET died? ... Nuisance! He is a live! Then, at least, Outsmart him! come on!"
Roky (on losing): "Ah, beast! you do want to do! but I specially show my mercy."
Priest 1: "... ... chirp ... ... Coo,coo,coo, ...!"
Priest 1 (on losing): "Ah, ...! much help!"
Priest 2: "... this is a statement."
Priest 3: "... ... ... laugh!"
Priest 4: "Let's curse!"
Priest 5: "H'm, h'm, h'm ...! Can... win?"
Priest 5 (on losing): "... H'm I?"
Priest 6: "Ghost bloke ... ... Ah!"
Priest 7: "you do jion us, please!"
Priest 7 (on losing): "what about?"
Priest 8: "come here! Here put on some bans"
Priest 9: "... soul ...give me it back!"
Priest 10: "May be some certain sound or state!"
Priest 11: "... crying!"
Priest 11 (on losing): "shaking ..."
Priest 12: "blood-efficient state!"
Priest 13: "How, how! ...! ... how, how!"
Priest 14: "Tie up!"
Priest 14: (on losing): "Is there some thing seperated from my body?"
On throwing Monster Ball at Haha: "vYwz`! ZRbj bVox_SfeR!"
On defeating Haha: "The true face of soul is so ... . the soul of Haha's mother unable to become Buddha!"
Rocket Member 1: "Why! how are you? What do you do here?"
Rocket Member 1 (on leaving): "Hi! you remember!"
Rocket Member 2: "Every time he came the foothold of MISSILE, This old grandpa always said that don't bully PET, don't kill PET, and so on, much bored! Now we are talking about adults' chat!"
Rocket Member 2 (on losing): "spare my life, please! ..."
Rocket Member 3 (on leaving): "skunk ...! Don't think that that's all for now!"
Fuji: "Then, Mr. Fool, ... . It will be difficult to finish if treated PET without deep love while compiling the illustrated handbook PET. give you this!"
On selling Gold Ball at Pokemart: "If that's so, 5000 use US dollars for quoting prices and settling accounts!"

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