Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jean-Claude Van Damme Dance Fever AKA The Timecop Challenge

Blurb on back of box (maybe): "Dance your way through numerous levels of white jumpsuited Mr Motivator-trained weirdos as the FBI geddonit. Throw ineffective punches and fire invisible rounds from your handgun, but be careful not to slip on the highly polished floor!"

Timecop sold exactly two copies. The first retired to become a doorstop after one play, while the second, yellowed by tea stains, was bought by local idiot Harry Yack for £2. Still, it was worth it to see JCVD jump around like Luigi from Super Mario Bros. 2.

There is a special trophy for anyone who does not crack a single smile while watching this video. Just think, 'The Begoggled Fool' could soon be sitting proudly on your mantelpiece...

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