Sunday, 22 July 2012

Retro Yakking Big Fat 200 Sub Spesh (Part 1/2) - live from the pub!

Welcome, one and all, to Harry Yack's 200 subscriber bash. The buffet will be serving only the finest turf and twiglets coated in mud, and there's a 20ft trough with stagnant water to quench your thirst. I'm not entirely certain what you humans eat, so I'm sorry if there's nothing to your taste.

The lounge TV will be showing the Terminator trilogy (fourth one doesn't count) on a continuous loop all night, while Atari Karaoke will be running in the snug from 11pm. Until then, you can play snooker against a floating pair of hands or attempt to build a house of cards made of beer mats while you wait for the other person to arrive.

We wholeheartedly apologise for the toilet being out of order. But to make it up to you, here's an advance showing of the Retro Yakking 200 Sub Spesh (Part 1), complete with the usual terrible jokes and footage of some of Mr Yack's favourite games.

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