Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Terminator [Mega Drive] - Da Sarah CONNER Chronicles (Commentary)

Hi! Good morning! How are you? Nice to meet you!

 You've seen Arnold have a go, but now it's Harry Yack's turn to take on (or at least commentate on) the very best Cyberdyne has to throw at him. This blind commentary takes in all four levels of this rather short game that follows the plot of the movie quite well indeed.

I could have spent time to master the game but I had to take out the papers and the trash, or I don't get no spendin' cash. It doesn't maddah! Instead, game footage is provided by an actual Terminator expert. Original longplay by BimmyLee83 for Longplays.org, used here with kind permission. You da man, dawg!

Let's rock and roll!

Here's the US box art I was talking about. Click for full size.

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