Saturday, 17 March 2012

Stunt Car Racer [Amstrad CPC] Re-run sponsored by Irn Bru (in colour!)

Remember when I promised to get back to you with this game? *Cue dream sequence*

*Snap back to 'reality'*

Some three years later, the time has finally come for Harry Yack to pick up that crummy old JY3 joystick (complete with 2 suckers and making-tape seal) and finish what he started.

Thrust into the competitive world of the Stunt Car League, your super-advanced, highly aspirated monster truck-cum-flying machine must guide you through four divisions of frantic roller coaster action as you vie for the title of Ultimate Stunt Car Racer. Along the way, you face assorted uglies in head-to-head on-track combat whilst attempting not to slide uncontrollably off the edge of the mantelpiece.

This version is from 1990 and not 1989 as noted on the title screen. My mistake, but it's still quite an advanced game for its time and considering the limitations of the format. Most importantly, it's a great laugh to play and is far easier on a modern control pad. Man, I can't stress how much I hated those joysticks, and playing on keyboard is never quite the same, is it?

Creator Geoff Crammond went on to design the cult classic Formula One Grand Prix and numerous subsequent sequels. Harry Yack went on to order chips and sausages from the local Chinese chippery, getting his keyboard all greasy in the process. Now his Amstrad constantly flashes 'syntax error, ready' whenever he switches it on.

Music provided by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.

Massive shout out to Collie, who recently made a glorious return to the, uh, video making fraternity. Check 'im out!

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