Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets [Satellaview] - Bonus: Thanks, tricks and glitches

Like Part 5 of my Road Rash Level 5 playthrough, this video is all about you, the viewer. In it, I seek to answer/elaborate upon comments left in the past four weeks of this gargantuan Harry Yack playthrough, and I *think* I got just about everyone that did leave a message. A huge thanks to all that watched, those still watching and those that will watch in the future.

View this as a DVD extra, if you will, that demonstrates some of the hidden secrets you may have missed the first time round, such as that woman in Kakariko that can be turned into a fairy. There's also a few tips on how to become the ultimate Ancient Stone Tablets glitchmaster, and since the game is filled with them I recommend you give it a try. You never know what you'll...


Now for some additional author comments that were far too boring for the video, but by navigating to this blog I'm guessing you might be at least slightly interested, so here we go...

I've been considering the possibility of an audio podcast for quite some time now, but I'm not entirely sure what it would be about or how it would be organised. For the time being, while I was still percolating ideas for a gaming audio 'show', I resolved to instead create some podcast-length video commentaries.

Over Christmas, I'd been watching a lot of videos of Zelda-related stuff, in particular Link to the Past hacks like Euclid and Seph's deliciously evil Parallel Worlds. Having considered a LTTP Let's Play (in the traditional, 'play one hour and completely forget about it' style), I settled on a playthrough of a somewhat shorter spin-off. Since the Ancient Stone Tablets was only released in Japan, this would be completely fresh, almost like another brand new, never-before-seen hack. Except it was an official game in the Zelda series, a point of a fascination for fans and casual observers alike.

I can't remember how I stumbled across the game, but it was most likely while searching for Link to the Past-related material on YouTube. It's sad, but Ancient Stone Tablets remains hidden among the mountains of Zelda re-releases and sequels, like a poor neglected child left to navigate the Lost Woods without the aid of a map (see picture above). While it doesn't exactly add layer upon layer to the constantly developing Zelda saga (Nintendo's official timeline doesn't even mention AST), there are a few tweaked gameplay elements that make this a worthy instalment to the series and successor to LTTP.

I like to view the Ancient Stone Tablets as a pseudo sequel to Link to the Past that expands slightly on some concepts largely neglected in the original; for example, you can go through the whole game without even discovering the Golden Bee. AST remedies this to some extent, making the bee your primary method of both attack and defence right at the start of the game before you pick up your sword and shield.

As a final thank you, I must mention the guys over at, and of course the modders/hackers who have made this whole playthrough possible. As I said in part 4, you are legends, nay heroes, nay... awesome people.

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