Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Retro Yakking Christmas Tape 2011

Have a seat, kids, and let me tell you a story.

Long, long ago, before even the Game Boy camera, there existed a thing known as VHS. People could copy programmes off the telly and share them with other people without being branded a pirate supporting terrorism, druggies and David Cameron.

Before long, the people who lived in the television decided to record themselves doing very silly things to try and make their friends and family think they were cool. Each year, these recordings were brought together in a Christmas tape, a combination of extreme profanity, poor acting and general tomfoolery. It truly was the precursor to user-generated internet television.

While snooping around the Retro Yakking communal kitchen for scraps of food, I stumbled across a tape marked 'donot play [sic]'. After reviewing its contents, I think you should see it. But remember this one thing: it's twenty minutes of dreadfully rehashed content that wasn't good enough for general release. And when you remember 'general release' means 'uploaded to YouTube', you get a better understanding of the level of quality were talking about here.

Includes general outtakes, some bloopers from Pokemon Green and a binned Spiderman TV Boy II review. Merry Christmas, ya bums!

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