Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Replay Expo, Norbreck Castle, Blackpool, 5 November 2011 [Photos]

Video of Saturday's antics at Replay will be online as soon as I can edit the footage together. In the meantime, console yourself (groan) with this tasty selection of photographs from the main hall. Click for full size.

Retro Corner. Absolutely bustling, you'd have struggled to find yourself a machine here.

Playing some Duck Hunt on Nintendo.

Breaking News: Giant sheep eats miniature pony.

Bomberman madness. Even better on a large screen TV!

Halo tournament in progress. Didn't enter in time, which is probably good thing as I would have been slaughtered.

Space Panic Arcade cabinet.

Super Mario Kart - Yoshi vs. Bowser.

More retro goodness.

More from Retro Corner.

Commodore Amiga.

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