Saturday, 12 November 2011

Replay Expo 2011, Blackpool: An illuminating experience [Video review]

Harry Yack takes a trip to the home of donkeys, expensive lighting and billions of bed and breakfasts. No time for sausage 'n' chips or walks along the promenade, however, as the 2011 Replay retro video game type thingy was also taking place just down the road at Norbreck Castle.

Footage here was taken on the first day of the event, Saturday 5 November. Highlights included a cosplay parade (not featured), prize raffle (not featured) and a wet T-shirt contest (not really). There was also a full itinerary of talks and competitions taking place during the day, so this video merely skims the surface of the delights on offer. And no, I'm not talking about the hamburgers.


Retro Console Zone
Retro Computer Corner - 4:18
Prince of Persia (Commodore SX-64) - 5:11
Pinball Alley - 6:33
Pac-Man (Arcade) - 8:05
Epoch TV Vader - 8:39

...and a bunch more mildly 'entertaining' vignettes.

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