Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 30-31

Fool, otherwise known as Dr Aochider, infiltrates the highly secretive Rocket Member hideout for (slightly more family friendly) exploits in Pokemon Green Engrish.

Bonus - Silly quotes
  • Rocket Member: "..., Who are you? How do you come?"
  • Rocket Member (on losing): "Why! Defeated!"
  • Rocket Member 1: "What is the fellow who has slipped into MISSILE?"
  • Rocket Member 1 (on losing): "Drop or fall suddenly ...!"
  • Rocket Member 2: "You can see an unseen ghost using the silluff Observator The boss said so."
  • Rocket Member 2 (on losing): "What a mess!"
  • Rocket Member 3 (on losing): "Ah! Won't it do?"
  • Rocket Member 4: "Hi! Comes a contact from the upper floor!"
  • Rocket Member 4 (on losing): "Lost..., Fool!"
  • Rocket Member 5: "But, Don't trouble MISSILE. This is for you."
  • Rocket Member 6: "Ha,ha,ha! What's the meaning of that lift can be used? Who has the key?"
  • Rocket Member 6 (on losing): "No, no!"
  • Rocket Member 6: "That's all, ...! The key of lift... is specially hided!"
  • Rocket Member 7: "A lost-way boy. Are you the... of lost way boy?"
  • Rocket Member 7 (on losing): "Why?"
  • Rocket Member 8: "You, blokes! Don't you understand the materstroke of MISSILE's evil deed!"
  • Rocket Member 8 (on losing): "Crying or other sound."
  • Rocket Member 9 (on losing): "How wronged but defeated!"
  • Sakachy: "Ah! Welcome to this place. Do all the evil deeds using all the PET in the world The money-made MISSILE! I'm the head Sakachy! If you resist against me I'll let you have to pay for it!"
  • Sakachy (on losing): "Ah,ah! That is simply foolish!"

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