Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 28

Dr Aochider has completed another 12-minute segment of the mammoth decryption task that is Pocket Monsters Green, and has kindly posted it here for you all to enjoy/berate as you see fit.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Kid: "My Dejars! It is caught on the Island of Red Lotus! It is... that may spray out poisonous gas when getting angry, is a good boy."
  • Madwoman: "How beautiful the city programme is! It is pround. Flash town, playing corner have been built! Too bad!"
  • Cheapo billboard: "Here is Flash Town Flash is rainbow-like, the colour of dream"
  • Oldman: "Ha ha! Put the coin in to bet, Lose again! If you have plus coins, it's better to change it into prize I knew that long ago, but...!"
  • Madowman 2: "Ther are also coin machine throwing up at different place."
  • Madman: "Oh, this is just the words we say here... All the people... are spreading... that this play yard belongs to... of."
  • Rocket Member: "I am watching this poster! If you hinder me I'll let you to have to pay for it!"
  • Rocket Member (on losing): "Beast!"
  • Sideburns bloke: "H'm. Find a method. longs to own that Ghost Boly! But it's difficult to win in the coin-drop game!"
  • "How cheap abulletin board. Effective card, can protect PET from special attack of fire, water and lightning 16#e-"
  • Missile: "Why you look at me? Go away or I will beat you!"
  • Fat dude: "Speak quietly..., engulf looks like there is a basement ...under the play corner."
  • Blabbermouth Guard: "Don't touch the propaganda put up on the play corner! Not at all having hided the switch behind."
  • Kid 1: "Wahoo! Do you meaning the travel? My sister, I like it too much!"
  • Boyfriend: "Why...? It should be a journey with the girlfriend alone. But!"
  • Randy old bloke: "Hi! Hi! This gymnasium is good! All are girls!"

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