Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 26-27

Yet more general bumbling in Pokemon Green, Engrish version with Dr Aochider.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Rocket Member: "I'm tired you go to and fro before me! Don't look down upon the rocket projectile!"
  • Random trainer: "This fellow (his Pokemon, stood beside him) is my colleague! A soft thing! It met stones in water, and evoluted into such a soft thing!"
  • Cheapo bulletin board: "... The Clitty Clippor will be easy to hit home. ..."
  • Deformed Buddhist Bloke: "The bachelor life isn't lonely as he is encircled by PETs! Niss in my family sometimes pickes up some money or something else."
  • Bespectacled computer programmer: "Why? That's a programme!"
  • Sign outside penthouse: "I can see through whatever."
  • Chalkboard: "Connect with your friend's GB, the miss on the right of the bar will to lead the way."
  • Legend: "The first floor is service desk... The first floor is shop... TRAINER, The second floor is the shop... to monopolize TV and player, The third floor is a cleverman... to give away, The fourth floor is an anaesthetic shop... The top floor is automat."
  • Sign outside elevator: "Here is elevator."
  • Bloke shopping: "Silvery spraying isn't good at it PET can't run out, Oh! Is it named sprayinginsecticide with an antipersonnel power?"
  • Salesclerk: "Welcome! . ya! PET at last we ended! Don't you finish? Then. Give you a good thing."
  • Kid: "Write down the names who have stolen and record and opponent PET,"
  • Creepy Game Boy Kid #1: "Quick to come! Ghost baby! I, is a Ghost fanatic! Ah, ...? The Ghost transferred has become another PET!?"
  • TV Screen 1: "円"
  • TV Screen 2: "This is a shadowbox game! ... Looks like someone!"
  • Guy in shop: "You'd better buy a toy Pipi for your girlfriend! It's now warmly welcome!"
  • Shouty kid: "I've heard a good news thatwhen PET is rushing out, through the toy Pipi, and then PET can be attracted by it that is to see that you can flee."
  • Sign: "The top floor,..., is a rst square... an automat."
  • Brother: "My younger sister is a nobody of PETTRAINER!"
  • Sister: "H'm...! Brother! I'd like have some fruit juice! Would you mind giving me some?"
  • Sister (After receiving water): "Wah! Can you me a cup of water? Thank you for your hospitality! Give you my treasureto express heartfelt thanks!"

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