Sunday, 30 October 2011

Super Mario Bros. [NES] - A Tale of Violence, Vagabondage and Vegetarianism

Critical piece discussing the fungus fancier's first console outing, chronicling the conception, controversies and downright LSD-fuelled insanity of Brooklyn's most prominent pudgy pipe plunger. Nah, not really. I just reiterate the really obvious, half-humorous observations of other people.

Huge thanks to Chipmaster for the game footage and Shigeru Miyamoto for his agreeing not to have me banned from Mario Kart online.

Apologies for taking so long to release this. I did plan to make more of it, but decided to put an end to the hype and finally release it as-is. I bet you're well chuffed :P

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 29

AKA Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Androgyny in Pokemon Green Engrish by Dr Aochider. Fool takes a trip to the Hippy Gym in Flash Town for more non-wholesome antics. Creepy or what?

Bonus Quotes
  • Miniskirt: "Ah! Man! Hey! This is the place that only girls can enter!"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Really rude!"
  • Sister: "Hi! All are girls. Feeling bored?"
  • Sister (on losing): "Too bored!"
  • Sister 1: "Hi, ..., look! This is my PET! the type of cultivated grass. Very easy, very good."
  • Sister 1 (on losing): "Bored!"
  • Girl Scout: "Why! Aren't you the man peeping at the window just before?"
  • Girl Scout (on losing): "Blinking one's eyes with astonishment."
  • Trainer (yes, that's what it's called in the game): "Welcome to lightning city gym! you'd better not be negligent don't think they are girls, !"
  • Miniskirt 1 (on losing): "Ah! This fellow!"
  • Sister 2: "Your interest is...? Yes, ...! I slightly interest in PET."
  • Sister 2 (on losing): "The skill is exactly good!"
  • Allic: Oh...! How nice the weather! Too comfortable! ... ..., si.breathe ... Ah, It won't do! It even got sleep. ... Hi! Nuisance! Is it an application? Then... I'll never loss!"
  • Allic (on losing): "...! Here I come! It's really Everyone are strong. This rainbow badge must be given to you."
  • Allic (again): "Ah, ...Are you compiling the illustrated handbook PET, aren't you? Extremely excellent! I only want some beautiful if It's me!"
  • Girl Scout: "You! Trustly don't peep at? There are many in recent."

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 28

Dr Aochider has completed another 12-minute segment of the mammoth decryption task that is Pocket Monsters Green, and has kindly posted it here for you all to enjoy/berate as you see fit.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Kid: "My Dejars! It is caught on the Island of Red Lotus! It is... that may spray out poisonous gas when getting angry, is a good boy."
  • Madwoman: "How beautiful the city programme is! It is pround. Flash town, playing corner have been built! Too bad!"
  • Cheapo billboard: "Here is Flash Town Flash is rainbow-like, the colour of dream"
  • Oldman: "Ha ha! Put the coin in to bet, Lose again! If you have plus coins, it's better to change it into prize I knew that long ago, but...!"
  • Madowman 2: "Ther are also coin machine throwing up at different place."
  • Madman: "Oh, this is just the words we say here... All the people... are spreading... that this play yard belongs to... of."
  • Rocket Member: "I am watching this poster! If you hinder me I'll let you to have to pay for it!"
  • Rocket Member (on losing): "Beast!"
  • Sideburns bloke: "H'm. Find a method. longs to own that Ghost Boly! But it's difficult to win in the coin-drop game!"
  • "How cheap abulletin board. Effective card, can protect PET from special attack of fire, water and lightning 16#e-"
  • Missile: "Why you look at me? Go away or I will beat you!"
  • Fat dude: "Speak quietly..., engulf looks like there is a basement ...under the play corner."
  • Blabbermouth Guard: "Don't touch the propaganda put up on the play corner! Not at all having hided the switch behind."
  • Kid 1: "Wahoo! Do you meaning the travel? My sister, I like it too much!"
  • Boyfriend: "Why...? It should be a journey with the girlfriend alone. But!"
  • Randy old bloke: "Hi! Hi! This gymnasium is good! All are girls!"

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Australian Rugby League [Mega Drive] - Harry Yack's great cash-in special [2/2]

Wigan (otherwise known as Simpsons FC) take on the might of Castleford (also known as Fiji) in a battle for Mega Drive Rugby League supremacy in EA's Australian Rugby League. This game, the counterpart to Rugby World Cup 95, stands alone as the system's one and only rugby league game. Since there is no competition, I guess this qualifies as the MD's best simulation of the sport, and it isn't half bad.

Australian Rugby League is basically RWC95 tweaked to include league's slightly different rules, which can be considered both a good and bad thing. On the negative side, all the bugs have been carried across and those kicks are still difficult to execute perfectly. On the plus side, EA have implemented some slight improvements such as player numbers for easy identification. Additionally, the sport of rugby league seems to translate to video game form marginally better, at least in terms of confusion levels; those ball releases in RWC95 were a proverbial female dog to control. ARL is a bit simpler to comprehend for the non-rugby aficionado and those more familiar with American football.

There are still no fist fights though. :(

Friday, 7 October 2011

Rugby World Cup 95 [Mega Drive] - Harry Yack's great cash-in special [1/2]

In the Mega Drive's lifespan of approximately eight years, the world saw tens of titles looking to emulate the grand old sport of football. Sensible Soccer, Super Kick Off and countless FIFA titles courtesy EA Sports graced Sega's premier console, most of which enjoyed a modicum of success piggybacking various domestic and international football competitions.

Somewhere in all of this, its noticeably more hands-on cousin was lost in a quagmire of freshly churned Saturday afternoon mud. Rugby fans were starting to feel left out - up to now, Mega Drive owners only had Domark's International Rugby to satisfy their virtual rucking and scrumming urges. In 1994, Electronic Arts came to the rescue with a brand new rugby title that only slightly borrowed from a certain commercial soccer series. With such promising pedigree and with the 1995 World Cup on the horizon, how could it possibly fail?

For those with a vested interest, Rugby World Cup 95 is a decent simulation of the sport. EA's trademark isometric viewpoint lends an element of individuality, while the FIFA International Soccer-style menus add familiarity. Doesn't cover up the fact they were blatantly stolen though, does it? :P In fact, it's all very FIFA. This does not prove too much of a problem, however, for it's certainly playable.

Though the controls are relatively easy to get to grips with, the kicking mechanics are somewhat difficult to master even after you've been mucking about with the game for about a week. As we know too well, however, no game is without its flaws (perhaps excepting maybe the odd Mario release), and the odd bug --such as occasional player invisibility-- doesn't necessarily detract from fun factor.

For those with not a sliver of interest in rugby, you could happily go about your everyday life not even knowing this game exists. Then again, you could say that about countless Mega Drive titles, so I suppose I'm being unfair. I guess I'm trying to convey the point that while Rugby World Cup isn't exactly essential, it is a worthy time-killer.

The burning question for rugby fans alike remains thus: how does this game shape up in comparison to International Rugby? Soon, my friends.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 26-27

Yet more general bumbling in Pokemon Green, Engrish version with Dr Aochider.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Rocket Member: "I'm tired you go to and fro before me! Don't look down upon the rocket projectile!"
  • Random trainer: "This fellow (his Pokemon, stood beside him) is my colleague! A soft thing! It met stones in water, and evoluted into such a soft thing!"
  • Cheapo bulletin board: "... The Clitty Clippor will be easy to hit home. ..."
  • Deformed Buddhist Bloke: "The bachelor life isn't lonely as he is encircled by PETs! Niss in my family sometimes pickes up some money or something else."
  • Bespectacled computer programmer: "Why? That's a programme!"
  • Sign outside penthouse: "I can see through whatever."
  • Chalkboard: "Connect with your friend's GB, the miss on the right of the bar will to lead the way."
  • Legend: "The first floor is service desk... The first floor is shop... TRAINER, The second floor is the shop... to monopolize TV and player, The third floor is a cleverman... to give away, The fourth floor is an anaesthetic shop... The top floor is automat."
  • Sign outside elevator: "Here is elevator."
  • Bloke shopping: "Silvery spraying isn't good at it PET can't run out, Oh! Is it named sprayinginsecticide with an antipersonnel power?"
  • Salesclerk: "Welcome! . ya! PET at last we ended! Don't you finish? Then. Give you a good thing."
  • Kid: "Write down the names who have stolen and record and opponent PET,"
  • Creepy Game Boy Kid #1: "Quick to come! Ghost baby! I, is a Ghost fanatic! Ah, ...? The Ghost transferred has become another PET!?"
  • TV Screen 1: "円"
  • TV Screen 2: "This is a shadowbox game! ... Looks like someone!"
  • Guy in shop: "You'd better buy a toy Pipi for your girlfriend! It's now warmly welcome!"
  • Shouty kid: "I've heard a good news thatwhen PET is rushing out, through the toy Pipi, and then PET can be attracted by it that is to see that you can flee."
  • Sign: "The top floor,..., is a rst square... an automat."
  • Brother: "My younger sister is a nobody of PETTRAINER!"
  • Sister: "H'm...! Brother! I'd like have some fruit juice! Would you mind giving me some?"
  • Sister (After receiving water): "Wah! Can you me a cup of water? Thank you for your hospitality! Give you my treasureto express heartfelt thanks!"