Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rambler (Walker/Clown Down Town) on TV Boy II [Atari 2600 clone] - Attack of the Mr Benns

Presenting Clown Down Town (AKA Rambler or Walker), surely one of the most simplistic games for the Atari 2600. Or in this case, the TV Boy, an Atari emulator that plugs into your television and renders classic (and less classic) games in the incorrect colours and with mutilated music.

Before Super Mario Brothers, there was 'Walker' by Starsoft. You did not jump on enemies, rather avoid them for your life, for the top-hatted gentlemen blocking your way are fatal to touch. Good thing our protagonist is capable up NBA-style jumps that would embarrass even Javier Sotomayor. Once you had completed six screens of this, you were transported back to the first and a harder challenge presented. Not that difficult at first, but things certainly become tougher as the time in which you have to complete individual screens rapidly decreases upon each regeneration.

As with many Atari games, this is a fun time-killer if you have half an hour to fill, but beyond that there isn't much depth. Good thing the TV Boy has 100-odd more games for you to sample, including the much more frantic and exciting Fast Food (hint, hint). For a sedate, relaxing game, however, Clown Down Town is alright. It has some neat little graphics (even featuring what looks like a UFO!) but you'll soon get tired of seeing them. Mind you, you do tend to block them out after a while so it's less of an issue. Besides, this is Atari, and you should be grateful for small mercies.

Worth a look for its camp value.

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