Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 25

Dr Aochider is your guide for the latest instalment of this never-ending (yet somehow highly intriguing) Pokemon playthrough.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Miniskirt: "Round and light likes a toy PET! ..., how about you?"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Stop! To my Pipi, don't be too rude!"
  • Gamble: "I'm still a vagrant gambler."
  • Gamble (on losing): "...! Why you let the first go?"
  • Science Man (on losing): "Beyond my understanding!"
  • Miniskirt 2 (on losing): "But, why,"
  • Science Man: "Study is also a good thing..., but PET is also good."
  • Miniskirt 3: "Such range likes as flowers in a row on the range."
  • Miniskirt 3 (on losing): "Go too far! All are lovely PET. But"
  • Science Man 2: "You, PET, looks very strong. But, are you good at science?"
  • Science Man 2 (on losing): "Suddenly fall"
  • Woman: "Do you often go there? How convenient there selling various commodities in lightning shop."
  • Bloke: "Recently it is said there apears some dazzy PET in Kerria City."

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