Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 21-23

Dr Aochider is joined by fellow authoritative person on PET Skidgle for another live commentary segment of Pokemon Green Engrish. Here, we both attempt to navigate the Rock Mountain Tunnel without the aid of FLASH or repels. I must be out of my tiny mind.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Fanatic 1: "PET, fight! Ladies, come on!"
  • Fanatic 1(on losing): "Is it defeated?"
  • Fanatic 2: "I also drew some illustration PET and the alike whlie I was at home."
  • Fanatic 2 (on losing): "I'm so tired!"
  • Girl Scout 1: "No problem even though having a competition, but ... doesn't often come here."
  • Girl Scout 1 (on losing): "Lost!"
  • Fanatic 3: "That... does he know Karsebuly PET?"
  • Fanatic 3 (on losing): "I can't tackle this!"
  • Mountain Man 1: "Rush out if you were a man!"
  • Mountain Man 1 (on losing): "Tong 56#!"
  • Mountain Man 2: "I, having lived in mountain for a long time, will never let the foreigner tyranize here!"
  • Mountain Man 2 (on losing): "Extraordinary!"
  • Mountain Man 3: "Ha, ha! Can you defeat my power?"
  • Mountain Man 3 (on losing): "Well! Power, lost?"
  • Fanatic 4: "Are you compiling the illustrated handbook PET? Skunk! I also want to do it!"
  • Fanatic 4 (after losing): "... so, can you give it to me if you've finished comlipe?"
  • Girl Scout 2: "Yaoo! You have frightened me! Don't do any grotesque movement in the dim tunnel!"
  • Mountain Man 4 (on losing): "It is we who lost."
  • Girl Scout 3: "Ah, that is PET! Let's begin now!"
  • Girl Scout 3 (on losing): "Once more!"
  • Girl Scout 4: "I'm even here for looking for PET!"
  • Girl Scout 4 (on losing): "Here isn't PET"
  • Girl Scout 5: "Ah...! For a long time I did not go on the mountainous way, , as if I am an anaemia patient."
  • Girl Scout 5 (on losing): "..., feels not so well, no any good method."
  • Fanatic 5: "Hey, hey! Are you enjoying my PET?"
  • Fanatic 5 (on losing): "Ah! Precious little byby PET!"

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