Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hamburger (Fast Food) on TV Boy II [Atari 2600 clone] - You're Getting Fatter!

It's time for more food-related fun and frolics courtesy Fast Food --or should I say Hamburger-- for the Atari 2600. This particular version of the game, which is plagued with colour emulation problems, can be found on the Akor/Systema TV Boy, an unlicensed clone console thingy in the shape of a controller.

Fast Food is exactly as the title claims: it's really fast and has lots of food in it. Your dismembered mouth is charged with the task of consuming grub for points, which you will soon find quite an addictive concept. After drawing you in with novelty value, the game soon presents quite a challenge as the various burgers, milkshakes and tortilla chips come at you quicker than John Prescott when he hears the buffet's open. It becomes increasingly difficult to dodge the purple peppers (AKA pickles or sausages) which will inevitably lead to a debilitating, gassy death - the things whizz by so fast you can't help but inadvertently swallow them.

I won't go so far as to say this is the best game on the TV Boy, but it's certainly my favourite, even if it does require ever-better lightning reactions as you advance through the difficulty levels. In years gone by we coped with this typical Atari requirement much better, but even today much enjoyment can be found in gobbling up items of unhealthy food. And I'm not just talking about in real life.

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