Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 19-20

Dr Aochider is once again your host for two more gripping episodes of the Pokemon Engrish saga. Whoever said video games had to make any sense?

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Child: "You are acting in a slick way to PET! Do that as you like!"
  • Child: "Do that as I like! Never regret!"
  • Child 2: "I'm a just-finished-become PET, TRAINER, but I have confidence to win!"
  • Child 2 (on losing): "Defeated, look at this! ... Doesn't foster PET yet?"
  • Electronic Boss: "Hello! Is my electricity safe?"
  • Electronic Boss (on losing): "It is terrible to let the old man do as he pleases!"
  • Electronic Boss 2: "Good morning! Didn't you forget turning the lamp off?"
  • Electronic Boss 2 (on losing): "I'm convinced! How strong the children in the nowdays are!"
  • Child 3 (on losing): "Hi! It is unfeasible not to foster stronger PET!"
  • Random bloke: "I is looking for LINON! .. If that is so, what time will be?"
  • Aochider's Assistant: "I remember me? Hi...! The assistant of Dr. Aochider The illustrated handbook PET 30 types were collected, give you BOOSTER Dr Aochider said so. ... Then hurry, Mr Fool! Is the PET you've caughtmore than 30 types?"
  • "PET, it looks like that sleeps comfortablly."
  • Gamble: "Because I like to have a competition, I did not choose any opponent!"
  • Gamble (on losing): "Skunk! Why don't you believe you can win?"
  • Child 4: "Be careful for the preciously fostered PET! It is the time for them to compete!"
  • Child 4 (on losing): "Bye-bye,..! Thank you, by-by!"
  • Girl Scout: "Yoo! You also have PET,..., wonderful!"
  • Mountain Man: "Haha! Just in time! I'm just feel bored!"
  • Mountain Man (on losing): You won't do yet, you won't do yet! I still believe you are.., but PET has dispeared!"
  • Juvenile: "Every morning you get up early, Pupae you fostered! Hatches at the end!"
  • Juvenile: "Hey, What do I get up very early everyday for?"
  • Mountain Man 2: "Ha, Ha! Come here, hace a try!"
  • Juvenile 2: "Our lovely insect fool! Go!"
  • Mountain Man 3: "Ha, Ha! You are a strong boy! Would you like to come and contest?"
  • Mountain Man 3 (on losing): "Why?"
  • Girl Scout 2: "I occationally go to gymnasium PET! ...,... lose, but"
  • Girl Scout 2 (on losing): "Is specially trained, but"

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