Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 18

Dr Aochider presents the 18th part of this epic Pokemon Green Engrish playthrough. It's the longest part yet, so you can expect some failures along the way...

YouTube description

Attempting to beat gym leader Marchiss in the next gym, but first there's a minor inconvenience in the form of the bin puzzle. Well, I was slightly harsh on it, but it seems a bit tacked on. At least they tried to work in some elementary puzzles, which provides welcome variation.

The sub-par audio quality picks up after 6 minutes.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Geek bloke: "Major Marchiss's nickname is Lightning America! If let him use electric PET, his nickname seems to be Japanese one!"
  • Sailor: "Here children are forbidden whatever your PET is so strong!"
  • Sailor (on losing): "I'm taken aback!"
  • Electron Group: "I came here to deal with electricity though my poor strength!"
  • Dustbin: "Oh, the dustbin is over there. Here has a button! Try to press it!"
  • Marcheese: "Well! Little boy! Your uncomplete skill can't help you to survive on the battlefield! You must have used PETan electric shock to survive in the war! All are paralyzed and can't move any more! You'll have to go in the same way. Pledge to be true!"
  • Marcheese (on losing): "Oh no! Your strength is excellent! It's really a true skill! OK! Give you an orange badge!"
  • Marchiss: "You are super! This is a token of my regard!"

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