Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 19-20

Dr Aochider is once again your host for two more gripping episodes of the Pokemon Engrish saga. Whoever said video games had to make any sense?

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Child: "You are acting in a slick way to PET! Do that as you like!"
  • Child: "Do that as I like! Never regret!"
  • Child 2: "I'm a just-finished-become PET, TRAINER, but I have confidence to win!"
  • Child 2 (on losing): "Defeated, look at this! ... Doesn't foster PET yet?"
  • Electronic Boss: "Hello! Is my electricity safe?"
  • Electronic Boss (on losing): "It is terrible to let the old man do as he pleases!"
  • Electronic Boss 2: "Good morning! Didn't you forget turning the lamp off?"
  • Electronic Boss 2 (on losing): "I'm convinced! How strong the children in the nowdays are!"
  • Child 3 (on losing): "Hi! It is unfeasible not to foster stronger PET!"
  • Random bloke: "I is looking for LINON! .. If that is so, what time will be?"
  • Aochider's Assistant: "I remember me? Hi...! The assistant of Dr. Aochider The illustrated handbook PET 30 types were collected, give you BOOSTER Dr Aochider said so. ... Then hurry, Mr Fool! Is the PET you've caughtmore than 30 types?"
  • "PET, it looks like that sleeps comfortablly."
  • Gamble: "Because I like to have a competition, I did not choose any opponent!"
  • Gamble (on losing): "Skunk! Why don't you believe you can win?"
  • Child 4: "Be careful for the preciously fostered PET! It is the time for them to compete!"
  • Child 4 (on losing): "Bye-bye,..! Thank you, by-by!"
  • Girl Scout: "Yoo! You also have PET,..., wonderful!"
  • Mountain Man: "Haha! Just in time! I'm just feel bored!"
  • Mountain Man (on losing): You won't do yet, you won't do yet! I still believe you are.., but PET has dispeared!"
  • Juvenile: "Every morning you get up early, Pupae you fostered! Hatches at the end!"
  • Juvenile: "Hey, What do I get up very early everyday for?"
  • Mountain Man 2: "Ha, Ha! Come here, hace a try!"
  • Juvenile 2: "Our lovely insect fool! Go!"
  • Mountain Man 3: "Ha, Ha! You are a strong boy! Would you like to come and contest?"
  • Mountain Man 3 (on losing): "Why?"
  • Girl Scout 2: "I occationally go to gymnasium PET! ...,... lose, but"
  • Girl Scout 2 (on losing): "Is specially trained, but"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PART 18

Dr Aochider presents the 18th part of this epic Pokemon Green Engrish playthrough. It's the longest part yet, so you can expect some failures along the way...

YouTube description

Attempting to beat gym leader Marchiss in the next gym, but first there's a minor inconvenience in the form of the bin puzzle. Well, I was slightly harsh on it, but it seems a bit tacked on. At least they tried to work in some elementary puzzles, which provides welcome variation.

The sub-par audio quality picks up after 6 minutes.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Geek bloke: "Major Marchiss's nickname is Lightning America! If let him use electric PET, his nickname seems to be Japanese one!"
  • Sailor: "Here children are forbidden whatever your PET is so strong!"
  • Sailor (on losing): "I'm taken aback!"
  • Electron Group: "I came here to deal with electricity though my poor strength!"
  • Dustbin: "Oh, the dustbin is over there. Here has a button! Try to press it!"
  • Marcheese: "Well! Little boy! Your uncomplete skill can't help you to survive on the battlefield! You must have used PETan electric shock to survive in the war! All are paralyzed and can't move any more! You'll have to go in the same way. Pledge to be true!"
  • Marcheese (on losing): "Oh no! Your strength is excellent! It's really a true skill! OK! Give you an orange badge!"
  • Marchiss: "You are super! This is a token of my regard!"

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting to know Harry Yack (tag response) and some shoutouts (20 August 2011)

Response to CPCGamer's 'tag' with the following questions:

First block:
  1. How did you come about to make videos on YouTube?
  2. Do you drink alcohol? If yes why and what is your opinion on anti-alcoholics? If no: why not and what do you think of people who drink alcohol?
  3. What game is responsible for ripped out hair in frustration?
  4. Why did the idea of a plumber who beats up turtles turn out to be that good?
  5. What's your opinion of the social situation of your country?
Second block:
  1. How old were you when you started playing video games?
  2. What was your first console and how did you get it?
  3. What game did you love to play as a child?
  4. Which game do you play the most at the moment?
  5. Name your top 3 of current games.
  6. What game deserves a sequel in your opinion?
  7. What's your hobby and passion next to LPing?
  8. What console / handhelds do you own?
  9. Name your top 3 game series.
  10. Some final words about gaming and LPing.
Shoutouts (begin at 13:51)
Open tag to anybody watching, so respond if you feel like it.

Game is Gran Turismo 2, Seattle Endurance with the fantastic Tigra Ice Race car. Just so you know, the screw-up count is not entirely accurate, and I couldn't really do anything about the out-of-sync sound.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gran Turismo 2 [PSX] - A Reckless Life

Gran Turismo is not *really* a driving sim, is it? I mean, it allows you to smash into walls at 300km/h and not only walk away unscathed, but actually emerge with an advantage over your opponents. For a great example of this, you need look no further than the original GT, which allows you to blaze around the High Speed Ring in a mega-souped GTO without having to brake and still win.

That said, it's still a fantastic series. In fact, said 'failings' aren't always to its detriment. I certainly don't care, and will readily exploit them in attempt to even the competition, particularly in Gran Turismo 2. The computer loves entering cars over the BHP limit for any particular tournament and will ride to the finish line laughing heartily. In particular, the mega-powerful Ford GT40 can regularly be seen frequenting the 295hp Historic Cup.

All of which is fodder for a whole series of videos, but for now you'll have to make do with me attempting to conjure some humorous quips on a selection of cars in the game. Oh well, at least it's in pseudo-HD.

Regarding the closing sequence, in which I rammed the purple Focus into the side of the tunnel: because the computer AI isn't programmed to reverse and turn away from the obstacle, it continues to hammer the throttle until it wriggles free. As a result, the car spent ages slamming its front bumper against a wall and finished about half a lap down on the other competitors as a result. Bloomin' eejit.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? UK [PSX] & 2nd Edition Video review

Harry Yack takes a look back at a game so culturally significant it hardly matters.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire stood proudly atop the video games sales charts for weeks, nay months, after its release. This delivers false promise, for due to the unbelievable popularity of the TV show, every other parent who got their kid a Playstation for Christmas went out to Dixons and bought a copy. For 35 quid. In actuality, all you get is a bog-standard question and answer affair, and you know how fantastically those types of games translate to the Playstation. Exactly, they don't.

For that sort of price, you'd at least expect some half decent bonus games beyond a single fastest-finger first playoff. Sadly, you cannot take on Tarrant in hand-to-hand combat over that cheque for £64,000, nor can you go on a rampage around the Millionaire studio hunting for collectables - in this case empty coffee cartons and bottles of Benylin.

Not that it would be all that difficult, with the audience having gone home some three and half hours ago. But at least it would have offered something new beyond the entertainment you can get from simply watching the TV show on Challenge. For free. Well, not counting that hefty cable/satellite subscription Murdoch/Branson has you forking out month after month. Blasted phone hacking/hot air balloon flying media moguls.

Just a quick note: many sequences have been shortened to spare you from boredom. Also, the audio clicks you hear from time to time are not due to my video editor or the encoding, but are present in the game itself.