Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 16-17

Join Dr Aochider for another instalment of Pokemon Green, Engrish version. Here, we advance through the Sandu Annu ship, but the path is not all smooth.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Sailor: "Dammit! It should be throwed into the sea if lost!"
  • Gentleman: "Is travelling around the world. But that fellow always sleeps I'm surprised when I found him! Really...! So PET it is!"
  • Sailor: "Look! The fish I angled!"
  • Fisherman (on losing): "All is empty!"
  • Gentleman: "Only fighting with young man is joys of life!"
  • Gentleman (on losing): A good cometition! Looks like recovering one's youthful vigour."
  • Bloke: "Can sword skill of PETcut off slender tree?"
  • Gentleman (on losing): "A rather good fellow!"
  • Woman: "There really appear many seasick men."
  • Roky: "Hello! Fool! Ah! Meet you at this kind of place...! Are you invited? Additionally, the of the illustrated handbookk PET, the data have been collected completely!"
  • Roky (on losing): "H'm...! All in all, PETall are fostered only casually!"
  • Captain: "Ah! Seasick is very painful... and."
  • Captain (on having his back rubbed): "H'm... thanks! Seems more comfortable! What, what, what! Come to see secret skill! Oh, yes! If you are in good mood, I will show you sword skill!"
  • Captain's book: "I'm not seasick. This is the captain. He is reading a book named ABC of Travel by ship...!"
  • On looking in captain's rubbish bin: "Not seeing maybe is better."
  • Sailor (on losing): "Too careless!"
  • Sailor: "Ow, ow! Let's fight to see who is stronger!"
  • Passenger: "OUch, ouch... I feel ill.., you are seasick. Get in a draught..."

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