Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 14-15

Dr Aochider presents yet more gibberish courtesy this Engrish translation abomination. In these parts, Fool works his way through the Sandu Annu, also known as the Sandoanu.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Ship attendant: "I'm an attendant on the ship! Call me if you have something done! ... ... ... Is an uncommunicative man!"
  • Kitchen assistant 1: "I'm so busy that my head is swimming! Thank you, go there!"
  • Kitchen assistant 2: "Why! You've blocked traffic! Step aside, step side!"
  • Kitchen assistant 3: "Chi, chi. The sound of onion-skinning or tear dropping. Every day I skin onions! Chi, chi. The sound of onion skinning or tear dropping 6#E-"
  • Bin: "Crack! Crack! All are rubbish in!"
  • Kitchen assistant 4: "Hey, hey, hey hey,... Everyday I skin taroes! Hey, hey. The sound produced while working ..."
  • Miniskirt: "Nuisance! This is PET ... coming from the world!"
  • Child: "I like PET very much! Please foster PET, too!"
  • Woman: "My children and I are travelling around the world. Ha, ha, ha! Laughter!"
  • Kid: "I'm still with Buklin (presumably his Pokemon) up to now!"
  • Woman: Hey, attendant! I want to have some cake. Give me some with France flavour, please!"
  • Gentleman: "I'm a travellor! Only PET captured on the travelling way is my friend.
  • Gentleman: ... and I are friends, ..."
  • Person: "This is my partner, Gulichi [his PET], a man of great strength! He can even move the rock that can't be heavier by sheer animal strength."
  • Sailor 1: "Asilor is inseperately from scuffle, how about you? Come on!"
  • Sailor 1 (on losing): "Be bold! It is a not bad competition!"
  • Sailor 2: "Hi, come! With the spirit of sailor. Bet, you'll surely win."
  • Sailor 1: "Ha, ha, ha! Little boy, don't you become a sailor?"
  • Sailor 3: "I do like a healthy boy the same as this!"
  • Sailor 4 (on losing): "Oh, having done well"

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