Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 12-13

Two more parts of Dr Aochider's Pokemon playthrough with a twist. Post-recording commentary is once again the order of the day, though we'll be reverting to live comms for at least the next couple of parts.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Cheap Bulletin Board: Light blue city PET, gym, the head Karsemy, frivolous toy
  • Shorts Man: From now Carsmy will become a strong TRAINER incessantly! Can't be defeated by such men as you.
  • Girl Scout: Your words are enough! Doesn't need Carsmy to enter the arena.
  • Carsmy (on losing): H'm...! It's I who lost! No any method! Give you blue badge as a proof you've won me!
  • Girl Scout: If you don't have a competition with various MISSILE TRAINER, you can't understand how well you are.
  • Woman in house: MISSILE! He'll certainly think out some evil ideas if you let PET dig hole.
  • Man in house: Ah...! MISSILE fellow! What a mess you've made in my house! The stolen SKILL MACHINE is in the desert! Teach him the skill of how to dig a hole on the ground! That is expensive
  • Rocket Member (Thief): Hello! Don't enter into other one's private yard! ... Well, I? I'm just passing by here. No any being suspect! ... Suspect?
  • Rocket Member (on losing): Ah, admired! Never done again! Please let me go!
  • Guard: I'm a serious guard. Ah... thirsty! Hi there. No passing now!
  • Child: Though very tired, you can do nothing.
  • Woman: It is said there are many thing lost in the dark undergrand tunnel.
  • Juvenile (on losing): That simply is foolish!
  • Boy Scout: Who! Who is eavesdropping our secret talking is an overhearer!
  • Boy Scout (on losing): Why you don't get win?
  • Girl Scout (on losing): Damn you! Being defeated really lose face
  • Juvenile: Ah, the face I never saw! Is it strong?
  • Girl Scout: I? ... Hm. Contact maybe is good
  • Boy Scout: What abput? Is there anything?
  • Cheapo Bulletin Board: Here is dead-leaf town, dead leaf is orange, the colour of the setting sun
  • Pokemon: Scharlichy sound.
  • Woman: I'm sweaty after sporting! Does... know it [sticky]? It comes from gum-like mud of sea
  • Old fishingman: I'm an old fishingman. Here we are! I like fishing very much. He likes fishing. Do you like it? Yes? Maybe I get along wit you well! ... Don't stand on ceremony, please!
  • Head of Hobbist Club: I'm the head of hobbist Club! The fostered PET surpass 100p! As for PET, he is really talkative! Then... do you come to hear myself-satisfactory speech? ... This is Calop dance to my liking... is so lovely that everyone fondle it admiringly.
  • Secretary: Our president of the society is too long-winded to PET!
  • Cheapo Bulletin Board: Dead leaf town PET, gym the head Marcheese, Lightning American!

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