Wednesday, 27 July 2011

International Cricket Captain 2001 PC vs Playstation

It's baseball, but over five days and with cucumber sandwiches!

A follow up to a brief(ish) look at the Playstation [PSX] version of this game. Well, it's not that funny really. Just your bog-standard intro to the game to compare it with its console counterpart. Apologies for the frame rate for the match highlights. It was a trade-off between resolution and frame rate, but in the end, due to my video editor being a fool, I couldn't export in HD anyway. Ah well, it's a bit better than point-camera-at-telly anyway.

Small note: This is the Ashes edition of the game, with only the odd extra scenario to differentiate it from the common-or-garden ICC2001.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Channel updates, shoutout and a quick question [Vlog]

It's all covered in the video. Watch and all shall be revealed.

It's my intention to get more involved in the community side of things. To that end, here's a quick update video with traditional shout-outs and such. In HD!

The game is Left 4 Dead 2 (c) Valve 2009 for the XBOX 360.


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 16-17

Join Dr Aochider for another instalment of Pokemon Green, Engrish version. Here, we advance through the Sandu Annu ship, but the path is not all smooth.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Sailor: "Dammit! It should be throwed into the sea if lost!"
  • Gentleman: "Is travelling around the world. But that fellow always sleeps I'm surprised when I found him! Really...! So PET it is!"
  • Sailor: "Look! The fish I angled!"
  • Fisherman (on losing): "All is empty!"
  • Gentleman: "Only fighting with young man is joys of life!"
  • Gentleman (on losing): A good cometition! Looks like recovering one's youthful vigour."
  • Bloke: "Can sword skill of PETcut off slender tree?"
  • Gentleman (on losing): "A rather good fellow!"
  • Woman: "There really appear many seasick men."
  • Roky: "Hello! Fool! Ah! Meet you at this kind of place...! Are you invited? Additionally, the of the illustrated handbookk PET, the data have been collected completely!"
  • Roky (on losing): "H'm...! All in all, PETall are fostered only casually!"
  • Captain: "Ah! Seasick is very painful... and."
  • Captain (on having his back rubbed): "H'm... thanks! Seems more comfortable! What, what, what! Come to see secret skill! Oh, yes! If you are in good mood, I will show you sword skill!"
  • Captain's book: "I'm not seasick. This is the captain. He is reading a book named ABC of Travel by ship...!"
  • On looking in captain's rubbish bin: "Not seeing maybe is better."
  • Sailor (on losing): "Too careless!"
  • Sailor: "Ow, ow! Let's fight to see who is stronger!"
  • Passenger: "OUch, ouch... I feel ill.., you are seasick. Get in a draught..."

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 14-15

Dr Aochider presents yet more gibberish courtesy this Engrish translation abomination. In these parts, Fool works his way through the Sandu Annu, also known as the Sandoanu.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Ship attendant: "I'm an attendant on the ship! Call me if you have something done! ... ... ... Is an uncommunicative man!"
  • Kitchen assistant 1: "I'm so busy that my head is swimming! Thank you, go there!"
  • Kitchen assistant 2: "Why! You've blocked traffic! Step aside, step side!"
  • Kitchen assistant 3: "Chi, chi. The sound of onion-skinning or tear dropping. Every day I skin onions! Chi, chi. The sound of onion skinning or tear dropping 6#E-"
  • Bin: "Crack! Crack! All are rubbish in!"
  • Kitchen assistant 4: "Hey, hey, hey hey,... Everyday I skin taroes! Hey, hey. The sound produced while working ..."
  • Miniskirt: "Nuisance! This is PET ... coming from the world!"
  • Child: "I like PET very much! Please foster PET, too!"
  • Woman: "My children and I are travelling around the world. Ha, ha, ha! Laughter!"
  • Kid: "I'm still with Buklin (presumably his Pokemon) up to now!"
  • Woman: Hey, attendant! I want to have some cake. Give me some with France flavour, please!"
  • Gentleman: "I'm a travellor! Only PET captured on the travelling way is my friend.
  • Gentleman: ... and I are friends, ..."
  • Person: "This is my partner, Gulichi [his PET], a man of great strength! He can even move the rock that can't be heavier by sheer animal strength."
  • Sailor 1: "Asilor is inseperately from scuffle, how about you? Come on!"
  • Sailor 1 (on losing): "Be bold! It is a not bad competition!"
  • Sailor 2: "Hi, come! With the spirit of sailor. Bet, you'll surely win."
  • Sailor 1: "Ha, ha, ha! Little boy, don't you become a sailor?"
  • Sailor 3: "I do like a healthy boy the same as this!"
  • Sailor 4 (on losing): "Oh, having done well"

Friday, 15 July 2011

French report on the Nintendo 64 from E3 1996 [Commentary]

Time to hop aboard our time machine for a trip back to 1996 and E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Thanks to our French (French-Canadian?) cousins, we can experience the thrill of witnessing Nintendo's brand new creation, the N64, for the first time once more. Cue ropey beta footage and blistered thumbs as a bunch of wide-eyed tech geeks attempt to come to terms with the callous-creating analogue mini-joystick. C'est très compliqué, one might say.

Footage courtesy adonfjv, Necromancylord2 and Canal+.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 12-13

Two more parts of Dr Aochider's Pokemon playthrough with a twist. Post-recording commentary is once again the order of the day, though we'll be reverting to live comms for at least the next couple of parts.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Cheap Bulletin Board: Light blue city PET, gym, the head Karsemy, frivolous toy
  • Shorts Man: From now Carsmy will become a strong TRAINER incessantly! Can't be defeated by such men as you.
  • Girl Scout: Your words are enough! Doesn't need Carsmy to enter the arena.
  • Carsmy (on losing): H'm...! It's I who lost! No any method! Give you blue badge as a proof you've won me!
  • Girl Scout: If you don't have a competition with various MISSILE TRAINER, you can't understand how well you are.
  • Woman in house: MISSILE! He'll certainly think out some evil ideas if you let PET dig hole.
  • Man in house: Ah...! MISSILE fellow! What a mess you've made in my house! The stolen SKILL MACHINE is in the desert! Teach him the skill of how to dig a hole on the ground! That is expensive
  • Rocket Member (Thief): Hello! Don't enter into other one's private yard! ... Well, I? I'm just passing by here. No any being suspect! ... Suspect?
  • Rocket Member (on losing): Ah, admired! Never done again! Please let me go!
  • Guard: I'm a serious guard. Ah... thirsty! Hi there. No passing now!
  • Child: Though very tired, you can do nothing.
  • Woman: It is said there are many thing lost in the dark undergrand tunnel.
  • Juvenile (on losing): That simply is foolish!
  • Boy Scout: Who! Who is eavesdropping our secret talking is an overhearer!
  • Boy Scout (on losing): Why you don't get win?
  • Girl Scout (on losing): Damn you! Being defeated really lose face
  • Juvenile: Ah, the face I never saw! Is it strong?
  • Girl Scout: I? ... Hm. Contact maybe is good
  • Boy Scout: What abput? Is there anything?
  • Cheapo Bulletin Board: Here is dead-leaf town, dead leaf is orange, the colour of the setting sun
  • Pokemon: Scharlichy sound.
  • Woman: I'm sweaty after sporting! Does... know it [sticky]? It comes from gum-like mud of sea
  • Old fishingman: I'm an old fishingman. Here we are! I like fishing very much. He likes fishing. Do you like it? Yes? Maybe I get along wit you well! ... Don't stand on ceremony, please!
  • Head of Hobbist Club: I'm the head of hobbist Club! The fostered PET surpass 100p! As for PET, he is really talkative! Then... do you come to hear myself-satisfactory speech? ... This is Calop dance to my liking... is so lovely that everyone fondle it admiringly.
  • Secretary: Our president of the society is too long-winded to PET!
  • Cheapo Bulletin Board: Dead leaf town PET, gym the head Marcheese, Lightning American!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 10-11

Dr Aochider returns for two more parts of the abomination that is PETTRAINER, AKA Pokemon Green Engrish version.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • Roky: "You are loafing to and fro in such a place! I finally catch variety of strong and wonderful. Which, which?"
  • Roky: "What? Understand, understand!"
  • "If defeated 5 person, he will get a high-quality prize! Can win you?"
  • Roky: "Masachee is a fatastic of famous PET!"
  • Golden Ball Bridge contestants upon losing: "What a marvel!" "I can't believe it!" "I'm awfully weak." "Am I also lost?"
  • "The third come on! It doesn't so simple!" "How extraordinary!"
  • "Swing back! The fifth! I'm your opponent!"
  • "How extraordinary! Have defeated 5 person, congratulation!"
  • "Enter please! No entering? Come on! Come on! Your face doesn't like that! If you do so, you should be forced to enter! Wahoo!"
  • Rocket Trainer, upon losing: "Whelp! Is that truly feasible?"
  • Mountain Man (on losing): "Do so good!"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Not in good state."
  • Boy Scout (on losing): "Ha. Ha, ha..."
  • "Friends have many lovely PET... how angry!"
  • Miniskirt (on losing): "Not at all feeling wronged."
  • "It appears transmit machinery on the screen of PC!"
  • "Hello! I PET! Different! I'm Masachy! People called me the fanatic PET!"
  • Masachi: "Thank you very much! You've help me much! Why don't you come to enjoy my precious PET?" ... "It's good to have a ticket. But I don't like dance party and alike!" ... "You take the place of me and have a fun there."
  • Juvenile (upon losing): "Do not bad!"