Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 7-9

These three parts of Dr Aochider's playthrough have post-gameplay commentary, hence the variable audio quality. The first two vids have also been sped up to 200% to get things moving along more quickly.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • "Shorts is useful for moving. Would you like to put it on?"
  • "Your line of vision! Always feels not good!"
  • "If you do not want to contest your line of vision don't look at closely."
  • "Hey! Have you touched me?"
  • "How painful! I was stumbled over the stone it is the flying stone of pet's!"
  • "Having fallen a pray to a plot."
  • "There are suspect men sauntered to and fro in the cave. Are you?"
  • "Be careful! Of chibater will attack quickly!"
  • "Congratulation! {MONSTER NAME} is having evoluted into {XYZ}!"
  • "Skunk! My colleagues will never be silent!"
  • "It's I who lost."
  • "Wah! In the cave, it is so spacious!"
  • "It's too spacious to find an entrance."
  • Rocket Member: "We are doing important work! Little boyes go home quickly."
  • "Really do well!"
  • "You are also, aren't you? To explore cave?"
  • Juvenile: "Finally lost, really losing face!"
  • Mountain Man: "Wah! Gives me a scare. What? Isn't he a little boy, is he?"
  • "Ah! It's dangerous for children to run in all directions in the adult world!"
  • On trying to run from battle: "No good! Don't let the opponenet see your back whilst competing intensely!"
  • On dying: "{YOUR NAME} to be exhausted!"
  • "There have found missile in the fossil! You can make much money if you let him revive!"
  • Rocket Member: "H'm, I'm angry!"
  • Science Man: "Hi! Wait a minute, this fossil is found by me. The two are all mine!"
  • "Ha! Ha...! Are you making picture pet? You look very happy!"
  • Bike Shop sign: "Grass, cave, all is OK! Miracle, cycle."
  • "I want to have a bike, too. It's Honghong's bike! I don't want to dirt it. Put it up to decorate my home!"
  • Bike Shop owner: "Yes, yes! Welcome! Here is the shop to sell miraculous bikes! It really owns some excellent goods! Do' you want to buy?"
  • "Dear guest! Your money isn't enough! Terribly sorry thanks."
  • "Do you know unimaginable rainbow trout that can't be bought in the shop? Your level maybe enhance if you foster pet to grow up at one go."
  • "Yaderlan is turning a deaf ear to anyone."
  • "Yaderlan! Defend tenaciously in the shell! Ah, you are wrong! Pet. It's too troublesome!"
  • "Here is light blue city. Light blue is the colour of water, a mysterious colour."
  • "What a pity! This house has been stolen by thieves!"

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