Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 4-6

Dr Aochider returns to guide you through this Engrish abomination.

*Bonus: Silly Quotes*
  • "Though Clark very small, the front teeth can't be looked down on. Have you caught him?"
  • "When you are catching pet, let him get weak as your best. Pet maybe fled if he has a good strength!"
  • "Lost! 56#E-"
  • "Well if they were pet trainer, they wouldn't refuse to compete."
  • "The pet of others belong to others! Only throw monster ball to the wild pet, you can catch them!"
  • "Wait a while! Where are you hurry to?"
  • "Kelar. Mouse. Has long and sharp tooth which always grows up by biting off the hard objects swims with 3-toewebs in the lake."
  • "There are many slenders around the road, aren't there? Cut them off using the trick of pet's, then you can pass through."
  • "Even if slightly shows of while contestingpet, can also learn some experience!"
  • "Certainly can catch, can't it?"
  • "Dark grey is the colour of grey stone."
  • "Think you very much."
  • "I see! I see! Is it little Bika? That I'll do."
  • "It is said that Pipi comes from the moon."
  • "The man who first competes is pet on the toppest of list of pet. May take the advantage if exchanging the order! Try and have a look!"
  • "You said you'll challenge Tarbuichi. Earlier 10000 light years."
  • "Ah! Wrong! 10000 light years... doesn't indicate time! Indicates distance!"
  • "My insistant will reflects in my pet! Insistant and tolerance! Right! Is used."
  • "You, seem to neglect it slightly! Confer you a grey badge admited by alliance pet as a certificate you've won me!"
  • "Pet with a lightning skill. Pet with a lightning skill the skill also can become useful!"
  • "When being attacked, may tolerate silently. Then, redouble a punitive expedition in one vigorous effort!"
  • "Recently there are ruffians stealing dear fossil on the moon-admiring mountain, if you see suspect, take it to the dark grey policeman."
  • "Hey, you wait a movement! Just now you peep me, do you?"

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