Friday, 10 June 2011

Pokemon Green Engrish translation (Bootleg) [Game Boy] Playthrough PARTS 1-3

Dr Aochider is an authoritative figure on PET. Join him in his quest through this strange world of mistranslation encompassing many parts. Whether it will ever be completed is up for debate, however.

*Bonus: Silly quotes*
  • "Boys should go to travel whenever he likes. It is said in TV."
  • "If I were stronger, I also can replace guard!"
  • "What a terrific the scientific strength is. It is said prop and pet can be transferred into data and transmitted by PC communication."
  • "Though we saw it, we won't do anything because Dr Aochider is an authoritative person on pet."
  • "You can let pet have a try if here there is petbut wait for OK."
  • "Ah, really! I'm shouting! Wait a movement!"
  • "Oh yes! Give you the sample! Please!"
  • "There is a height difference on the road. To jump down is really terrific, but can go back White City quickly."
  • "For pet, except for strength, has source of vigorous force to show trick. The gist of force, it is the gist of force for trick."
  • "Welcome! To our centre pet! Here of pet recovered his strength."
  • "The centre of pet, befroe here, whichever city has it! Check free!"
  • "Very zeal, do you think so?"
  • "That is queer ball."
  • "Hello! Wait a minute! Listen to me! Hi! Don't go there! I've said it to you!"
  • "Sparrows are twittering baa! Baa!"
  • "Ao! You are you come from White City?"
  • "You should have had of pettrainer! What is given to me?"
  • "Thank you, thank you very much."
  • "Would you be kind enough to do sth. for me?"
  • "You'll waste your energy through your having arrived at lotus pool."
  • "H'm, looks as if drunken! How painful my head is! Sometimes are you very busy?"
  • "All in all, seize pet propagate largely. Propogate largely, it's that contests with trainer."

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