Friday, 11 February 2011

The Super Mario Challenge TV show - Retro Yakking Reviews

Back at the start of the Nineties video game television was all the rage. Amongst the veritable sea of formal, informative stuff was Super Mario Challenge, a satellite TV-only teatime head to head style affair, and pretty cheesy it was too.

Many an afternoon kids would rush back from school to enjoy TCC's own flagship mindless Mazza cash-in, forgoing Knightmare and Blue Peter in favour of the acting talents of John Lenahan.

Credits theme by bboynoe: "Luigi Plays Super Mario Brothers 3 - Overworld 2 Theme On Guitar." Watch it. It's cool.

Appeal: if you have any footage of SMC, please let me know! After one episode I'm hooked.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

South Korea win the World League - International Superstar Soccer 64 commentary with special guest Skidgle: ISS64 [Nintendo 64]

Skidgle, an acquaintance of mine, is looking at starting a video game review channel. To get him into the swing of things, I suggested we record a commentary or two together last weekend. Though this video wasn't the main focus of our attentions, which you'll find out more about soon, I think it produced one or two interesting points that might make it worthy of an Internet upload.

See if you can spot the new title card for 2011! Well, I suppose it isn't hard, all you need to do is press the play button.

Here's a link to the 40-goal game.

Skidgle's channel will be online soon with a grand launch video starring myself. For those remotely interested, I'll keep you posted on that.