Monday, 24 January 2011

Game Reviewer Archive: Fat Mann Judgeth (UrinatingTree) videos now online

For one reason or other, it seems every video game reviewer goes through a 'mid-life crisis', a symptom of which is the systematic removal of all traces of their work from the Internet in an attempt to move on.

Tired of his favourite video game reviews constantly disappearing from YouTube, Guru Larry, AKA Larry Bundy Junior, AKA That Bloke What Used to be on Games World has taken it upon it himself to create an archive of such videos for us all to enjoy 'til our backsides fall off.

Larry is currently in the process of adding Hellsing and Urinating Tree videos to the Game Reviewer Archive, a noble quest to create a one stop shop (except it's not really a shop because it's all free) containing the best the web gaming community has to offer. It's growing nicely, too, with each new uploaded video upscaled to 480p, so now (well, soon) you can watch your favourite Armake21 videos in supreme quality.

For my part, I've already contributed a bunch of UrinatingTree vids which have been uploaded to the channel over the weekend. I have a fairly comprehensive selection of these, and am in the process of exporting them all one by one in mp4 to try and clean up some of the little glitches and bugs in the original upload. It's by no means a quick process, especially with most of my time eaten up by real life commitments of late, but eventually I plan to get through them all. Next up is Superman, and after that who knows?

Urinating Tree's Batman Forever review (Warning: profanity)

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